Friday, February 09, 2007

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Okay, yeah, I have really let this slip. I'll try to get you up to speed quickly.
Briar got his first tooth on December 30th, 2006. One month later on January 29th, 2007, he got his second tooth. They are both located on the bottom. He looks adorable with them (he looked adorable without too); but when he gives you a bite, you know it!!! They are like two little lemon zesters! Oh, and Briar is beginning to get mobile. He can back up, go in circles and pull himself up to standing.
Olivia is doing great. She is actually starting to read a couple of words!! It has all just occurred so suddenly. The other day, she read 'Stop'. She knows all her letters and numbers. It's so interesting how kids learn. She asks me what letters are, etc. but I haven't really taught her any of this. She seems to be just figuring it out herself.
We have all had the stomach flu recently. It started with Oliva, then moved on to Briar and me and is now affecting Jeff. It has been awful!! We are definitely not feel 100%. And now, poor little Briar has an ear infection. When will it end?!
I have been dealing with schooling decisions for Olivia. I am finding the options so difficult. We are trying to decide between French Immersion and homeschooling. There are definite benefits to both. I have had a meeting with the distance education kindergarten teacher. It was very informative and she was great. I am not enjoying this. I am afraid that I'll make the wrong decision and scar my Peanut. Argh!!!!!!!!
Anyhow, I must get back to my little boy with his sore ear. I'll try to update with pictures soon.