Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who made time go so fast?!

So many things I'd love to make, so little time....

Argh. I wnat to write more but I have a couple of things that I need to finish up....

Friday, November 23, 2007


These are for bird feeders to make with Liv...
These are for Briar (after I've painted them and added some shoes laces)...
This painting inspires me to paint. Ah! No time!!!

Okay, I am taking over the blog. I'll still write about the kids, the dogs, Jeff (not necessarily in that order) but I feel the need to write about....well, about MY life. An unburdening of the mind and soul, if you will. I'm not totally sure WHAT I'll write but, it'll be mine. One tiny corner all to myself!

So, here goes:

I have been crafting. I am LOVING crafts. The problem is that I have FAR too many idea and not enough time to finish them all. I have always had trouble staying 'on task' and I am now running into this problem again. If only I had an entourage; I could delegate and do all the fun parts, leaving the crappy stuff (cutting out the patterns, preshrinking the fabric, picking up supplies, etc) to my 'team'. OOOooo, it's sounds heavenly and crafty. I could be as flighty as I wanted and still get everything done!

I am trying to make as many of the Christmas presents that we hand out this year as I can. I did pretty well last year, but I swear I started earlier or was more organized. I keep hearing people saying how many shopping (p-shaw! - try making!) days until Christmas and it makes me want to vomit a bit in my mouth.

I have been making Olivia and Maisy clothes that match, a doll sling, felt animals, etc. Suddenly, I had this AWFUL realization that I hadn't made a thing for my sweet little Briar. Now, I have borrowed a scroll saw and intend on making little wooden farm animals for him and maybe a car or two. ACK! HOW am I going to do all of this?!

Gotta go stare at my pile of to-do projects and hopefully, get something done.... (Note to self, STOP looking at Etsy for ideas! I have too many already!)
Hi Kirsten, my sole reader. I guess I am basically writing to you!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Achem...Is that spelled right?

Bobbin' for apples...
We figured out a trick and even Briar can do it!!!
Yoda and Chewbaca...

I thought I'd shock and amaze anyone who still happens to check our blog.... Is there anyone out there?!?! Look, I updated!!!

Here are some pictures of Halloween. Jeff drove down for a few hours of trick-or-treating fun from the boat. The kids were overjoyed!! So was I! Olivia was a cow (mad-cow as Jeff says) and Briar was Yoda. Both looked SO sweet.

Olivia has started her homeschooling and is loving it. I love it too. We have a good time learning about things together. (i.e. Did you know that there are 88 constellations in our solar system? Or that Pluto was intitally called Planet X until an 11 year old girl suggested that it be named Pluto after the god of the underworld? See! Pretty cool!)

Briar is completely vertical now....not just walking vertically, but climbing too. I find him on the table, climbing the backs of chairs, pushing chairs to the counter to climb up. He is a monkey....or a 'house-ape' as Jeff calls them both. He is saying quite a few things now. I find it is just a matter of deciphering what it is he means (like with all babies). He say car, truck, sock (truck and sock sound remarkably similar), Moe (his clearest word), Daddy, Mama, shoe, many, many animal sounds, and thank-you.

I am feeling overly busy (as always) and feel that I am in a constant state of 'frenzy'. But life is good and I'm happy.

Jeff is working lots but has been home for brief periods frequently. He's liking being back int he old house and is closing in the garage in preparation for finishing the basement. The end is in sight and we are both excited!!

My sister is moving to town!!!!! I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSO very excited about it! It feels as if it is a dream and I am going to get a phone call telling em that I've been 'Punk'd'. It'll be FABULOUS to have all the cousins together and to have tea and go to the Farmer's Market and to have Christmas together and ......Okay, you get it. I am overjoyed.

Anyhow, there's my post. Enjoy it. I don't know when I'll have a minute to do it again. Savour it.

Hi Kirsten!!