Monday, May 29, 2006

It's a boy!!!!

Sleepy little man...
One proud big sister...
Hanging out as buddies...
A proud daddy...

Briar Jack Chandler was born on May 29th, 2006 at 2:02am!! He is 9.003 lbs and 21.5 inches long. Labour was very, very quick and without any complications. In fact, we are already home!!! I am tired as I haven't had any sleep yet but Briar has been sleeping like a mini log. Nursing is going well and output seems to be right on the button.
Olivia is beside herself with excitement and wants to hold the baby constantly. She has been calling the baby 'Prince Philip'.
Jeff and I are so happy that the labour was so much easier than the last time and are thrilled with the new addition to our family. Briar is an absolute darling and I could stare at him for hours.
He seems to have Jeff's nose. He has SO much black hair and great mitts for hands. He makes little snoring moaning sounds when he sleeps...perhaps he has inherited his daddy's ultra-sonic snoring abilities.
Anyhow, here are some pictures of his first day.
Happy Birthday, Briar!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The baby's room...
Olivia's room with the new purple paint job....
Another view...
Olivia's perspective of my belly...
Mommy's little artist....

There!! I put some photos on the blog!! Eye candy. I hope that makes it more interesting.

Just to let you all know, we really will post when the baby arrives. We have had a few phone calls wondering if the baby is here. It's not. I'm not due for another week or so.

Anyhow, I'll post new news as it happens.

Nothing new...

Hi everyone,

Not much new to report. I was going to post some pictures of my ENORMOUS belly but I have broken out in hives and don't really feel up to pictures. The doctor figures that I have developed an allergy to penicillin (I was taking it for a sinus infection). I am pretty itchy and pretty crabby.
The doctor figures that this baby will be bigger than Olivia was at birth. She was 8lbs 9.5oz. I don't know how I feel about that.
Olivia has been starting every day lately asking if today is the day that the baby comes. She is pretty excited!!
Sorry, again, to everyone about the lack of pictures on the blog. I will try to get some of Olivia to spice up this thing for everyone....
I'll write again soon...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Getting organized....

Well, Jeff is home and we've been working away trying to get everything organized and ready before the arrival of the baby. There is so much to do!!
We went out to the 'Meet the Doctors' night at the hospital to get to know the other docs that could possibly deliver this baby if our regular doctor isn't on call that night. I feel a little bit less apprehensive after meeting these people and seeing the maternity ward at Vic General. Olivia came with us and was SO well behaved and patient. When everything was silent at the end of the presentation, Olivia suddenly asked Jeff very loudly, "Daddy, are you wearing underpants?" It was a rather amusing moment.
I am 38 weeks pregnant this week and feeling it. I keep bumping my big belly into things, forgetting that it is there. I will try to get some pictures on here before the baby comes.
Anyhow, we are now off to playgroup for a bit of social time for Olivia.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jeff's coming home!!!!

Jeff is coming home either tomorrow night or the next morning. Olivia and I are doing the 'happy dance'. I am SO glad that he will be back. It is hard to feel that the new house is 'home' without him around.
Olivia had been really sick since we moved in and is finally feeling better...Now, it's my turn. I seem to have developed her cold. Hopefully, it is gone in time for the arrival of the baby.
Speaking of the baby, the crib is now assembled, the clothes are washed (five loads!!!) and the car seat is awaiting its' new occupant. I have pre-registered at the hospital to, hopefully, be admitted quickly when the time comes. We will go for our hospital tour on the 23rd of May.
Anyhow, that is about all the news for now. I will write again when there are new developments.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Hi Everyone,

We have just moved into our new house in Sooke. It's wonderful to be in a bigger house. Today, we will be painting Olivia's room purple (her favourite colour).
We are waiting for Jeff to come home over the next few weeks. He should be home by the 21st of May.
We are also awaiting the arrival of our second little one. The 'pea in the pod' is due May 31st. It still feels a bit surreal to me that we will have TWO kids soon!
Anyhow, we will keep everyone posted with any new news through this blog as we have been have phone troubles as of late. Argh. Telus.

Jackie and Olivia