Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pictures galore...

Here is our big boy mid-bounce! He loves his jolly jumper. I wish they made them for grown-ups... Olivia, the bird, bringing a leaf to her nest of leaves for her babies. She has a very healthy imagination.
The Boys...Freckles was just groomed the other day. He came home with a bandana and two bows in his hair. I swear Eli was laughing at him.
Briar has been loving his sling. I love it because I can get so many things finished while he snoozes.
Mama bird in her nest...
Mama bird found her chick. Let's hope she doesn't try to feed him any bugs.
Briar watches while we rake. He likes putting his two cents in. He's a great foreman.
Olivia and 'her' dog...
Olivia had seen the picture of Briar with a beard on the computer and asked me how I did it. I explained that I had drawn the beard on with the computer. She wanted to do it again but I was checking my email. When I told her that she couldn't do it right now, she informed me that she would do it herself then. I just dismissed this comment because I was in front of the computer and she couldn't get access to it without me knowing it right then. A few minutes later, I hear her exclaim, "He won't stay still!!" When I turned around, Olivia was trying to hold Briar while he bounced in the jolly jumper and draw a beard on his face with a felt pen!! She didn't manage to get much on him, thank goodness. Jeff and I had a good laugh.
Olivia and Jeff went skating. She's pretty stoked...
She really wants to be able to do it herself because Jeff promised her that she could get her OWN white skates when she could balance herself.
The Duck (aka Angus) came over for a peck around the backyard the other day.

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