Tuesday, October 05, 2010

For awhile, I have been thinking that I'd love a chiming wall clock. As a child, we always had a beautiful Dutch clock in our house that ticked away the time. This ticking sound reminds me especially of spending 'sick days' at my "Oma's" house vaguely listening to her clock as I dozed in an ill stupor reassured by the constant clucking of the clock and the itchy pale green blanket she'd provide.
The day after mentioning my desire for a clock to my father, I was at my beloved Sally Ann gazing at a cute little wooden side table attempting to think of a location in our house that it would suit. Initially, I failed to notice the old cardboard box atop the table as I mused that someone must have passed away for all this beautiful wooden furniture to show up in the shop all at once.
When I gently flipped open the lid of the box, I found a treasure inside. An amazing Canadian-made wooden chiming wall clock. Thrilled with my find, Briar and I paid for our score and took it home to install it on our wall immediately. It now ticks away the seconds, minutes and hours within our home...It makes me wonder about the previous owner and if they found comfort in the heartbeat that the clock provided.


Anonymous said...

My grandparents have a similar clock - I always loved the 'song' it would play when a new hour struck . . . and it would also give a 'gong' of sorts at the half hour.

Nice find!

p.s. problems 'again' signing in . . . but it's me. chelsea. =)

Anonymous said...

My grandparents had a grandfather clock. I loved that thing. There really is something so evocative about the 'tick tock' sound. :)

Cathy said...

Fantastic. My little plastic ticker is from IKEA and we have had it for a long time. But it still makes a noise that I love, I just wish it was as beautiful as yours. How do you find these things??

Hawkfeather said...

i love when you want something and it just manifests like this-
plus that thing kicks ass..

i loves me the ticking comfort of a nice clock.