Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100 things to come....

Yes, I have been away from this space for far too long. I am, as always, rushing around like a chicken after a beetle and can't seem to keep up. But life is relatively good. The kids are happy and curious. I don't have time to stew and we plug along.
I manage to find joy in silly little things and was inspired tonight when I googled "things for kids to do on a road trip" brought me from a list of car games....One click to a link on the page brought me out of curiousity to "how to survive in prison" and then on to "how to survive a high fall". Next was "The life of Viking Women" and then "100 things to be happy about".
I vaguely glanced at the list until I got to #74. "Glueing Things". Five minutes later and I am still giggling. Was this person running out of items for their list or did they truly enjoy the act of using a sticky substance to adhere to items together? Or were they running out of things for the list? I will never know but it reminded me of lists I have made in the past of things I like/dislike.
I suppose these lists were a form of identification for me as a teen. I was motivated to make these lists for the same reasons that I was motivated to do those quizzes in teen magazines. To find out who I was and to mark that identity in some way.
Now, in my mid-thirties, I feel that I have a real grasp of "who" I am most of the time, but I still like to remind myself and have moments with myself where I say, "Wow! That's true! I really dislike that texture....I suppose that is why I am not so fond of potatoes..." Agreeing with myself somehow gives me pleasure.
So for the next few days, as long as I don't forget or get swept up in the tide of all the things that must be done/fed/walked/worked, I am going to create my own list of "100 things to be happy about". I'll let you know if I discover if the writer of the first list was truly a lover of stickiness or merely a glue sniffer....

#1. Making lists.


Hallie said...

So glad to see you back in this space... I too am a list maker... but can't imagine a list that would include glue... although I do feel like my glue gun is sometimes a permanant part of my arm. :)

Laura said...

Hi Jackie -
I'm new to your blog, found it through Matt's...I was reading through some of your old posts and one of the things that really struck me is your interest in consciousness surviving death, etc. The reason is that everything you say about it consistently sounds JUST LIKE ME. Everything. Since this is the case, I wanted to recommend to you a book I've been reading called Fringeology - How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable and Couldn't. It is completely unbiased, everything is scientific, and it's also a fun read. I know how hard it is to find something that doesn't involve materialistic dogma nor religious dogma and this book is so it. The author talks about the importance of not letting beliefs from either side get in the way of whatever the truth may be. It's AWESOME.

I thought of you while reading it and just had to comment and tell you about it because I really think you'd love it.

Sorry for the long-winded rambling. I can never be succinct! :)

Amber said...

You know, come to think of it, I do kind of like gluing things together. There's something compelling about it.

I like making lists, too. It makes me feel as if life is orderly, even when it's really not.

Anonymous said...

tee hee....I sure can relate to getting stangely happy when I've made a list.

I just checked out Camp Widow from your link. WOW! Now that is wonderful and powerful stuff. Great to see photos of you there.

Big Love,
Tanis xo

The Hoodies said...


Just thinking about you today. Hoping and praying you are all doing well! You have been on my mind and heart quite a bit lately so I wanted to check in :)


gretel said...

hi jackie,
hoping your struggles are not feeling their most crushing -
and really wishing that you would
post sometime, even knowing how sometimes there
is just NOT energy for one more thing.
I think I felt especially sad that after your post about "100 things" and also your post about possibly helping your friend - that you just slipped away, even while asking others to step up. We all need each other, and maybe just a once or twice a month posting goal would help both you and those who admire your writing and your honesty. Much strength to you - try for a tiny holiday peep post - doesn't have to be profound, xo SWB

lauradora said...

I like to make a list of things to be grateful for or happy about when I get a case of the "why can't I haves". It really helps me get my priorities straight because the television or the computer that where so wonderful when I got them are never on the list and it makes me realize that stuff doesn't make me happy.
I hope that made sense. Good luck on your list I think it's about time I wrote one up myself.

The Hoodies said...


I think of you and your littles often. Hoping and praying you guys are ok.