Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Getting organized....

Well, Jeff is home and we've been working away trying to get everything organized and ready before the arrival of the baby. There is so much to do!!
We went out to the 'Meet the Doctors' night at the hospital to get to know the other docs that could possibly deliver this baby if our regular doctor isn't on call that night. I feel a little bit less apprehensive after meeting these people and seeing the maternity ward at Vic General. Olivia came with us and was SO well behaved and patient. When everything was silent at the end of the presentation, Olivia suddenly asked Jeff very loudly, "Daddy, are you wearing underpants?" It was a rather amusing moment.
I am 38 weeks pregnant this week and feeling it. I keep bumping my big belly into things, forgetting that it is there. I will try to get some pictures on here before the baby comes.
Anyhow, we are now off to playgroup for a bit of social time for Olivia.

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