Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jeff's coming home!!!!

Jeff is coming home either tomorrow night or the next morning. Olivia and I are doing the 'happy dance'. I am SO glad that he will be back. It is hard to feel that the new house is 'home' without him around.
Olivia had been really sick since we moved in and is finally feeling better...Now, it's my turn. I seem to have developed her cold. Hopefully, it is gone in time for the arrival of the baby.
Speaking of the baby, the crib is now assembled, the clothes are washed (five loads!!!) and the car seat is awaiting its' new occupant. I have pre-registered at the hospital to, hopefully, be admitted quickly when the time comes. We will go for our hospital tour on the 23rd of May.
Anyhow, that is about all the news for now. I will write again when there are new developments.

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Williams Family said...

Hi Jackie,
We are glad you are all going to be together for the upcoming month-s? Hope you are settling into your new house. Look forward to coming out your way soon.
Roger, Heather, McKenna, Rowan