Saturday, June 03, 2006

5 Days Old!!!

Hi everyone,

Briar is five days old and is beginning to unwrinkle. He sleeps a lot (unfortunately mostly during the day) and is a very amiable little guy. We took him to the doctor on Thursday for a weigh-in and he has already gained weight over his birth weight (babies usually lose weight for the first few days). I have been too tired for visitors so far, but we did manage to stop in at G.G.'s for a brief visit with G.G. and Oma on the way to the doctor. Olivia is adjusting to life as a big sister very well. She goes to daddy for most things as I am stuck to a baby often. I am hoping it will all work out when Jeff goes back to work. Olivia LOVES to cuddle the baby. I think Briar loves it just as much. I am finding that although I am not AS paranoid about germs, etc. as I was with the first one, I am still having trouble when people are touching Briar's little hands with their 'been everywhere' hands. When he puts them in his little mouth, I want to choke! Anyhow, here are some new pictures of the little guy. Enjoy!

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