Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moe Schmoe

Our cat, Moe, puts up with everything. Literally everything.
Briar, the perpetually love machine, carts him around upside-down as an impromptu backpack. Moe regularly endures being cuddled in a well-meaning but overly zealous fashion while the little people in our house attempt to fall asleep. He rarely complains when being dressed in baby clothes or as he zips down the driveway in a doll stroller. Once, I even had to interrupt a friend mid-conversation to inform her that she was standing on Moe's tail as she spoke.

We had planned to keep Moe indoors for two weeks after our move to ensure that he knew where 'home' was. We didn't want our special and sweet teddybear of a cat to go missing. After a week of Moe's pleading, however, we succumbed to his requests for some outside air. He stuck close to home but rolled around in the fresh grass as if he was expressing his extreme pleasure in the luxuriousness of its' lush green carpet. After that he came and went as if he had always lived here.
One morning last week, as the plumber and contractor came and went I noticed that Moe was looking a bit nervous with all the activity involved with all the new bodies in our house. He stuck close to the ground and ran in short bursts from corner to corner of the room with a wary look in his eye.
That was the last time I saw him. Heartbroken, the kids and I made ads pleading for Moe's safe return. Liv wrote her own posters and I went from door to door asking our new neighbours if they had glimpsed "Mohito Meow Mein".
Days passed and no Moe. I started to brace myself for the worse and worried as I made my rounds yet again to the ditches on our street that I would find his little body mingled with the mud and weeds found there.
Three days later as I sat on the toilet (Sorry for too-much-info there) in my nightly preparations for bed long after the kids had fallen asleep, I thought I heard a slight "mew". Listening more intently, I realized that it was coming from the wall beside me. Staring in disbelief at the drywall between the bathtub and toilet the contractor had repaired three days previously it dawned on me. Moe is in the wall!!!!!
I ran to the garage to arm myself with some tools all the while loudly reassuring poor, entombed Moe that it was going to be okay. I ripped that wall apart, pulled out a pile of insulation, and to my joy and amazement two little golden/green eyes stared back at me.
An extremely grateful Moe devoured his food and lapped up water for an amount of time I would have thought abnormal if the situation had not been so far from normal.
Although he was so dehydrated even his little puckered bum-hole was even dried out and flaky (again, too-much-info - Sorry), he has fully recovered after his under the bathtub burial and he doesn't even seem to hold any ill feelings toward the bathroom.
Our sweet little, Moe-lasses! We love him to bits and pieces!


Crash Course Widow said...

So glad to hear Moe's doing okay after his temporary entombment!

See ya in just over a MONTH!! Whoopee! =)

Hawkfeather said...

no freaking way.

that is NUTS jackie. nuts.. lucky kitty.. I am so SO glad you have your furry friend back safe and sound.

Katie said...

oh my goodness! I'm so glad you found Moe in time! Moe sounds like such an amazing kitty. My female is pretty similar - lets my toddler do almost anything to her and doesn't put up a fight, even when she is dragging her by the tail across the floor. We're blessed to have such patient kitties! Glad Moe's ok!

Kate said...

Holy Sweet Jeebus!!! I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THIS!!! What a wonderful kitteh.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you found Moe! Although it's sort of awful that happened in the first place. That is one crazy story, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Glad Moe is O:K. I guess your contractor has some repairing to do for free!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Moe, poor you, and poor kids!! I used to have a cat that looked exacly like your Moe, and sounds like Moe is equally as sweet as our kitty. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord, I am so glad this story had a happy ending. I was dreading.

caela said...

That happened to us once with a GERBIL! I had a friend come over after school and she said the gerbil wasn't in his cage, we looked and looked and couldn't find him. We figured he was a goner. That night, my dad was down in the basement and heard something scurrying in the utility closet. He figured the gerbil was in the closet, but he wasn't there. Finally, my dad realized that it was IN. THE. WALL. Bless his heart he carved an opening in the wall and got the darn critter out. For a long time I thought it was so awesome that my dad cared that much about my gerbil that he carved him out of the wall, until I was older and realized he probably just didn't want a rotting gerbil inside of his house...

Too funny! So glad Moe finally made himself known!!!!!

darcie said...

un. real.
So soo glad for the happy ending!