Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the new digs

We're finally in the new house...every night. The shower is fixed. The beds are in their permanent positions and the playroom is festooned with all its' miniture household items.
I have been unpacking like a crazy person. I am determined to have the house functioning in an efficient manner before I go crazy. I dislike the temporary and chaotic feel a house has until all the garbage cans, towels and books have their spots. I like to know where the scissors live so that when I need them, they are where they should be. Finding them wedged between the wall and a cardboard box just doesn't do it for me.
Anyhow, the house is getting a more 'homey' feeling and I am feel less panicked.
I have started my new job and am really enjoying it. I am working in a doctor's office as an M.O.A. (medical office assistant). My favourite parts are smiling at the little ones who come in a bit fearful and hopefully making their visit a little less scary. I find that if I tell them about my kids, they seem to trust me more....and I LOVE doing urine tests. I never thought I would love doing something that had to do with someone else's bodily secretions....but it's really COOL!
I am enjoying learning and am finding that I sleep better knowing that I'll be able to buy groceries without having to do the financial juggling act I usually have to.
I don't like being away from the kids....but I love getting home and telling them about all the new things I've learned.
The chickens and ducks don't have a permanent housing arrangement yet as we still have to get a fence up in the backyard. So far it's only deer netting that is keeping them somewhat contained.
We've walked to the beach a few times and collected so many salmon berries that Liv has taken to making 'jam' for on her toast.
I haven't yet had a moment to complete my assignments for the organic master gardner course that I finished....but I am hoping to have them done in the next few weeks.
Liv is LOVING the backyard, the deer that meander through, the GIANT mushrooms to look at in the woods and looking into the stream.
Briar is enjoying riding his bike up and down the driveway, spraying the garden hose on anything and everything and cuddling with the chickens (as always).
I think we're going to like it here. I think we're home.


Elizabeth said...

Wow..sounds awesome! And homey..and wonderful.....enjoy..enjoy..enjoy....

darcie said...

Sounds like things are starting to fall into place for you guys -
Love it!

Jen said...

Yay! You're home. What a wonderful ring that has to it.

As a working sole parent who sometimes contemplates chucking the job to stay home with my nearly-4-year-old, but fears (dare I say it?) boredom, I am very interested in your experience of being away from your kids for your new job. It sounds like you're enjoying the learning, and the financial peace of mind is big, but beyond that, I wonder if the initial excitement will fade and you'll wish you were home, or if maybe the intellectual and social stimulation will fill you up in a new way, and you'll wonder how you survived without it, or? Whatever your thoughts, I hope you'll share them. :)

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

So glad you are in and getting settled - we've been thinking of you! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new place! Really pleased you are enjoying your new job too. Welcome home!! x

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yay, and Yay!

<3 Chelsea

Suddenwidow said...

It all sounds great! I'm so glad you're home!

Victoria said...

That's so wonderful - you sound great. Can't wait to see photos of your new yard when you're settled. Good on you for handling the landlord so well too - three cheers for you!

k said...

Hooray!!! It all sounds so good!I know the feel of wanting everything in its place NOW.

Just wondering - my kids will all be in school this fall after many years of home schooling. I'm going to have a lot of hours to fill up. At first I am going to volunteer at our library, but I always thought I would love to work in a medical office. How did your job come about? Did you have any experience in this field?

Annie said...

Awesome! I'd love you to be the person that calms, comforts and makes my kids laugh when they're unsure!

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

i'm happy you're happy

Cadi said...

So nice to hear things are well on your end.