Friday, August 27, 2010

three four tens and a five

Yesterday was my birthday.
Thirty. Five.

So young.....yet SO bloody old! Half way to seventy and I haven't gotten much figured out. Is this the secret of adulthood? Act like a grown-up and everyone else thinks that everyone else IS a grown-up? Except, of course, themselves?

The kids were much more excited about my birthday than I was....I asked for one gift. "Please NO arguing today. Just today. ONE day. Puh-leeeeease?!" Next year I'll ask for something more a pony.

Thirty-five seems so old on me. On others, it seems to be just a number. Like watching a friend try on an outfit that looks 'good' on them but you would never be caught dead in. "You look great!", you claim....but if you imagine the pink star sequins adorning your less than abundant cleavage, you cringe and flush with horror.

I think I'll take a tip from Jeff, he used to joke that we should tell everyone that we were ten years older than our true age. None of this 'eternal 29' crap! I look pretty good for 45!!!!!

So fourty five it is! Happy 45th to me!


Cadi said...

45? Get out of here! You look like 29. lol

Happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

And I know what you mean about an age feeling old on you. I am 34, and I can't get over it. It really is still very young, but it's so decidedly not a kid anymore, and I haven't totally reconciled that yet.

Robin Stewart said...

did they give you your gift? I have a little something for you!!

Hawkfeather said...

wow Jackie you really wear 45 well.. you are the hottest 45 year old milf in town.

go 45.

you could be like me and forget your age- and somehow figure it wrong not one year but two i a row now..
last year i thought I was turning 34 and was 33- i gained a year.. and this year I somehow did it again.. thought i was at 35 and I am turning 34..

math and me we don't mix.. I appreciated Jeff's take on it..

Boo said...

i hope the day wasn't too painful for you Jackie, and I've gotta tell you, you look around 27! xx

Jen said...

Ha ha ha! Jeff makes me laugh. Happy Birthday!

dara Ickes said...

I am 45, but when someone asks, I tell them that I am 41. It's a believeable age to lie about. Everyone usually says 29, or 39, but no one is going to lie about being 41. I am, stopped at 41 :)

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

Happy belated Birthday lady!!

i did the blog's new look, too :)

Carol Scibelli said...

Hi...Met you at Camp Widow. Never took you for 35...thought you were in your 20's.

I'm 60. How hold did you think I was? Be kind. Be better than kind. L I E.