Friday, January 28, 2011

safety freak

Photo from here

My minivan has a back-up beeper installed and I never fail to safety goggles when required.
I realize that teenagers at the bus stop snicker as I stride by sporting my safety vest covered in all its' reflective glory and a red light flashing out a constant reminder of the whereabouts of my hindend.
And in the past, I would have worried that this safety gear would identify me as a complete dork. A safety freak. Now I see it as protecting my kids.
By wearing this protective paraphernalia, I am hopefully preventing the possibility of creating two little orphans.
I am terrified of leaving them alone in the world. Without Daddy....and then without Mommy.
I have stopped short of wearing bubble wrap beneath my clothing. But I do get my flu shot and wear a helmet when riding my bike. For my kids. I'll do it because they do still need me.


Anonymous said...

I think that looking ridiculous on our kids' behalf just comes with the territory of parenthood. And really, it's a relatively small price to pay, and much less stinky or sticky than other aspects of parenting.

Anonymous said...

If you really care about your health Nix the flu shot....You have more chance of getting sick from the long term effects of the flu shot. Trust me....I worked in the medical field...they are not safe. Do your homework..... Please....especially don't let them give them to your kids....