Monday, June 18, 2012

nights like these

I hate these nights. Lack of sleep. Worry. Sadness. No one to talk to. Reflection on all I have done wrong or could have done better. Self-character annihilation.
I worry about dear friends and how they are....Where they are. And what I could do or have done to improve or hinder their well being. I turn these thoughts over and over in my mind like a beach comber inspecting a stone. The thoughts make me sick and sad. I want to turn back time and notice what I didn't before...I want to change my selfish or thoughtless ways. I want to declare how important their friendship and love is to me.
I lay in bed and turn the light on...and then off. And then on again...Somehow imagining that my hearing becomes increased with the increase in light...Listening for a bear to return to claim another hen...And then feeling guilty that the bear has been set up for failure by having livestock on the edge of a forest. It is doing what it does naturally...find food. So I lay in bed inspecting a electric fence manual hoping that I can install it without injuring myself or others and that some of the sadness I feel for the bear will be assuaged by the erecting of this deterrence.
I toss and turn replaying our "Father's Day". Although we talked of Jeff a lot and missed him palpably, fixing fencing and coops, visiting my own dad and generally getting through the day took precedence. I don't feel that I honoured his memory or his love for the kids or their love for him. Liv missed her dad and all he represented visibly. Briar was much more oblivious as he had spent the day with my mom and her friend. But my heart aches for both of them tonight as I think of all I should have done and have done in the past to allow them to demonstrate their love or loss. It's times like this that I wonder how Jeff would do it differently had I been the one who died. And it's nights like this that I recall his joy in his daughter's spunky intelligence and his pride in his son's thought-filled actions. I still miss him terribly four years later. I still wish he were here to whisper to in the night about all these fears, guilty and melancholy thoughts. It's his hands that I long to hold and his arms that my body misses around its' waist.

I know that lack of sleep adds fuel to these ruminations. I am aware that the darkness of night amplifies all the darkness of these thoughts. I can hear the birds beginning to sing for morning heralding the beginning of a new day....but still the sadness seeps through. Tomorrow is a new day. If I can just get through the next few hours...the morning light, the sounds of little ones stirring in their bed and the scent of coffee will make it easier again.


Serving A Generation for Jesus said...

I'm glad you're back blogging here! You were one of the first blogs that I began following 4 years ago and it was only a week after beginning to read your posts that your husband passed away. It didn't even seem real the horrible things that you were going through. Your pain and sadness and longing for things to have ended differently came through your words so clearly. But so did your strength and determination and spirit of longing for your children to have as much of a normal life as possible.
Anyways, for what it's worth. It's nice to have you back. :-) I enjoy your honesty.

~Chelsea~ said...

Love you Jackie. To bits. The whole pie.


Boo said...

I am in awe of you over the whole bear thing. Jeez. Makes me feel ashamed that I've been sleeping on the sofa for a week cos there is a spider in my bedroom.

Seriously, I don't mean to stomp over what you wrote, the above was just to make you smile. Nights like these. Oh Jackie, you've captured it so well, as always. As another reader said, I'm so glad you're blogging again.

I love you the whole pie too xx

Victoria said...

Glad to hear your voice again.

Laura said...

I worry a lot at night to, I guess it's because I have nothing to distract me. I tend to get bombarded by all my worries when I lay down for bed.
I really like the picture of you and Bobo by the way you both look so happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie
Just saw that you had commented on Cadi's facebook page, so linked through to your blog and you are blogging again! Yay! Just know that we are all behind you in spirit even if we are on the other side of the world!
New Zealand

Jonathan said...

This is an awesome blog. It brings me strength and fortitude. Thanks for your writing.