Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Do you know who you are?

When I was a teenager, a friend and I would make lists of things we liked and didn't like. It gave us immense pleasure to see in concrete whispers of who we were. Lately, I have begun playing with this pasttime, but in my mind as I drive, have a shower, make scrambled eggs. My new list is slightly different than the lists of old, but equally as fun.

  • I like the sound that the computer makes when I 'empty' the recycle bin.

  • I take a certain amount of joy in working my way up to fully hot water in the shower - No cold.

  • I rescue earthworms...since I was a kid.

  • I sometimes pretend I'm a spy. I don't do it as often anymore as my kids would blow the cover I REALLY was a spy making my fantasy less realistic.

  • My hands are really vein-y.

  • If I could get away with it, I would only eat the icing from a cake. It sents a bad example for other children, though.

  • If you were to see the record of all the books I get out of the library, you'd think I was extremely well-read and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I have to return the vast majority of them before I have even opened them. This does not stop me from taking more out.

  • I am paranoid about consumerism, marketing and advertising. I hate that our brains are constantly being told and sold a line of crap. We are 'sheeple'.

  • I sometimes pass roadkill and worry that I will be compelled by some unknown force to lick the carcass. Then I wonder what sort of ailments I would then possess.

  • I dislike it when cats stare into my eyes. I like cats. I like my eyes. I just hate the two together. Creepy.

  • The idea of 'space' and the universe freak me out. Too big. Too empty or full.

  • Melons and cucumbers have a similar 'watery grass' flavour to me. I don't like them much.

  • I adore chopping wood.
  • Once I find something I like, including toothpaste, I will stick with it until it is discontinued.
  • I have eaten dogfood. As an adult. To freak out my kids.
  • I have a thing with numbers. It there is any sort of pattern, I will remember your phone number until the end of time.
  • I don't think of myself as supersticious but if we get five eggs in one day, I believe it will be a good day.
  • I love thick socks. Even better are brightly coloured thick socks.
  • I like it when my nose whistle or my kids talk in their sleep.


Anonymous said...

This made me giggle - what a fun idea!

We have a few of the same ones too . . . .


Pamela said...

I so get the noise when emptying the recycle bin!

I love a good pile of library books on my coffee table, even if I never open one of them.

Licking roadkill? Really? I hate running over roadkill. It makes me icky all over.

Have you ever eaten water grass?

I too will do just about anything to freak my kids out.

You're great!

rhonda-lea said...

I was in a pretty crummy mood, until I read this.... thanks for making me smile

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the icing. Man, I hate having to set a (semi) good example.

And I think that maybe tomorrow I will pretend that I am a spy. That is just inspired.

Krista said...

Wishing you many 5-egg days in future, Jackie :)

Melissa Miller said...

I LOVE the sound of the recycle bin emptying!! Thumbs up =)