Monday, February 15, 2010

welcome home Nula

We've acquired a new chicken .... actually we got her a couple of weeks ago. Her name is 'Nula' which is an Irish name meaning "white shoulder or neck". She is a Transylvanian Naked Neck AKA a Turken.
Although I am SO excited to have such a ugly different looking chicken, I am worried what will happen with me beloved little flock of hens when our home sells. Oh, how I'll miss having my girls to gaze at! Chickens are such good therapy!!
So the house is not on the market yet. The landlady still has to get a realtor in. She just wanted to give me the heads up. It sounds as if she'll list it in June or October. I am hoping for October so I can still get my garden in a grow part of a crop....
I am hoping for a miracle. Maybe I'll win the lottery before the house goes up. Maybe someone will want to invest some money into a rental property with an absolutely fabulous tenant. Who knows?
I am now over the shock somewhat. All I can do is prepare. I am starting to think about which things are unnecessary and don't need to be moved to another home. I am hoping to fill five boxes every week with items for the Sally Ann....But what do I do with Jeff's stuff? I can't let go yet. I am trying. But I am not yet ready. Maybe by June....or October.


Anonymous said...

I will cross my fingers for October. As a fellow gardener, I really do think June would be the WORST time to move.

Poppy and Mei said...

I will cross my fingers for the investor or the lottery!
I'm sure all moving checklists include "Jeff's Stuff"...XXxx.

Jerilynn said...

I have a basement full of boxes of Vic's stuff that have been moved 5 times since he died. I don't look through them anymore but I will never give them up. They will travel with me forever or at least until my son is old and I can maybe give some of the stuff to him.

Andrea Renee said...

You don't ever have to give up Jeff's stuff. My fingers are crossed for October. XOXO

Cadi said...

Still sending you good juju about the whole situation!

I have to move out of my house at the end of May & I'm overwhelmed thinking about that. Really hoping October or some magical stay-in-the-hose situation for you and your little ones!

Thank you for being there. It's so nice to be able to vent to someone who "gets it."


Cadi said...

That would be house not hose! I really don't want you to have to live in a hose with children & chickens!


Rita said...

His family would love to have a bit of his things.