Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting in the Valentine spirit

Liv and I decided to replace out Christmas wreathes (I know, pretty late) with new more seasonally-correct ones. So we busted out the wool felt and started snipping. She's decided to make a larger red heart for her wreath (for on her bedroom door) and I am making a few small ones for mine.
I am really loving the look of these little wooden buttons that I found at a dollar store at one time. I wish I had bought more as my stash is almost used up!
I attached a ribbon to each heart and tied them to a grapevine wreath. I think this will work great so that I can just replace the decor for each 'holiday'! I've already been thinking ahead to each celebration....clover leaves, Spring flowers, pumpkins or black cats, Canadian flag, etc.....When no holiday is imminent, I am going to make a little felt replica of our family....Is that too cheesy????? Oooohhh, my mind is a flutter!

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