Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Okay. I'm sitting here with a snoring baby in my lap worrying that my last post was too....bitter at the end. I think I'm just frusterated that I am not going to be able to have the shower OR finish the crown tonight. Snoring babies in laps do not like to get wet in showers. They also don't like the hammering drone of a sewing machine near their little ears. I'm tempted to try laying him down again; but he seems to know when I am not holding him despite my desperate attempts to simulate the position and texture of my pajamaed arms with pillows and various articles of clothing discarded by a five year old earlier in the evening. How does he know!? I think he must be a baby genius. Maybe he is only pretending to be asleep. He has a very believable snore, though. :)

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Poppy & Mei said...

I know I've said it before but,
"I know, I know..." Xxx