Thursday, November 27, 2008

this coming seasons' inspiration

I am so inspired by so many of the blogs out there in the blogosphere. Recently, I came across this post and had the "I have to do that" feeling. Although I am not a lover of the holidays (over-consumption, divorced parents, too much travel, and the nauseating push towards ridiculous amounts of consummerism) fact, I am largely a nay-saying grinch, but I am really attemping to give my kids a Christmas that they may remember for something a little more than just sadness and the void their sweet daddy left behind. So here I am trying to pull together a Christmas built with anticipation and joy. And I am going to borrow something we did in church as a child (although I am not religious and no longer attend church). We built ourselves an Advent wreath. One of the things I so love about Waldorf education is the bringing together of various seasons, diversity, cultures and traditions. There are so many things to learn from so many cultures and beliefs. So we are going to light one candle every week in the build up to Christmas. Today we made this:
We started with a store bought (cringe) straw wreath to which we used hot glue to adhere four long red ribbons through the centre of the wreath.

I bought four small wood candle holders from the craft store which we painted green and glued to the wreath as well.
I lined up all the ribbons, tied a knot and hung it up! Simple! We are going to do some candle dipping this coming week to make some candles for the wreath (although traditionally three are purple and one is pink).

I love how it turned out! It looks so earthy to me....and Scandinavian.

While Liv and I worked on our masterpiece, Briar played in the bin of birdseed. So fun! An hours worth in fact!


leigh in the sav said...

i love the picture of briar through the wreath! so perfect - and your handywork is awesome! you inspire me with your ideals of raising children with a sweet sensibility and core values that they will forever carry.

Rach said...

It looks great, you crafty cat.

Christmas is tricky as like you, we think its all a bit over the top. Plus we are not religious so we don't get into the Christian aspect. plus our exended family is made up of muslim, jewish and christian beliefs. So for us, its about family and friends and spending time with and thanking people who we love.

So Merry Christmas to you - thank you for all your support and friendship. xxx

Amber said...

Oh i love that and you have inspired me to do something of this sort. Thanks for sharing and I just think you are amazing. YOu brave are one of a kind..xx

hippymummy said...

What an absolutely splendid idea! Thankyou for this idea from another very 'Bah Humbug' mam! Hope the rest of your christmas goes as easily and well as this masterpiece did xXx

Poppy and Mei said...

Yay! So beautiful...& don't cringe, it's impossible to do every little thing...XXxx

Maggie_barking said...

Please, please forgive me but
I worry it will catch on fire.
I accidently started a fire in
my room once lighting a candle
in a macrame hanger.
With love to you and your children.