Friday, February 13, 2009

budding personalities

As my little ones grow, I see their likes and attitudes unfurling like a vibrant banner. Neither of them seem to do anything 'small'. They have inherited their father's larger than life aura. At 33 years old, I seem to be more 'who I will be when I grow up?' than they are. Their personalities seem so evident to me, however, they evolve.

Briar is a trickster and giggler. He loves dress-up and to copy anything his sister does. Recently, we were at a restaurant together with Briar confidently donning his crown and cape. A woman entered and asked Briar if he was a 'Power Ranger'. Briar stood with his back against my knees and gave her an amazing rendition of 'stink eye'. She then asked if he was 'Batman'. "No," he slowly says as if sizing her up, "I'm Bwio (Briar)." "A gladiator?", this persistent woman asked. Briar ceases to lean against me, thrusts out his little chest and announces, "NO. I'm a PWINCESS! (princess)"

This event smacked of his father so completely, I couldn't help but feel proud. I realize that to people who didn't know Jeff or some who may be concerned with their small child's activities portraying possible socially questionable gender roles, this may be shocking. But Jeff was different. He WAS a redneck....but an evolved redneck. He used to tell Liv that when he grew up, he wanted to be a fairy. She'd protest that he couldn't be since he was male. He'd declare that it was totally unfair that he, as a man, could not possess wings and live in a magical land. She'd then offer that he could not be a fairy because he was already grown up. He would tell her that this 'fact' was a matter of opinion.

Liv took a nervous little friend, Madeline, with her to a group Valentine party this week. They sat on the rug, Liv on one side of her shy pal and her very tall friend, Jaiden, on the other. Madeline's mommy expressed a wish that her little one feel comfortable soon. Overhearing this, Jaiden's mom speaks up, "Oh, she'll be just fine. She's got 'the size' on one side and 'the mouth' on the other!" I laughed hearing Liv described as 'the mouth' as it is such a fitting description.

Jeff was never one to keep quiet if he felt there was something to say. Never. I am glad that Liv possesses this gift. Although it could possibly cause her problems, I am glad that she will be able to protect herself, at least verbally, and have the balls to do it.

*Please excuse the blur of Briar's photo. The vast majority of pictures with my little man in them show him as a moving streak of colour.*


alicat413 said...

oh jackie, i about fell off my chair laughing!! i love that briar told her just how it was!!! i can just hear a little voice saying that. too cute!! maybe next time he can wear some lovely shoes to match his cape. :)

Hawkfeather said...

i 'spose sometimes you just gotta plant your feet firmly and declare your royal standing for all to hear.

all hail Pwincess Bwio!!!

Tricia Moran said...

I am laughing at your descriptions! I have two children who are exactly the same way - well my daughter more so than my son. He is evolving too though and we'll see. It's great to be passionate and have larger than life ways of living - I am all for it. I am much more cautious about life and I envy that joie de vivre in my children sometimes. Briar looks so like your husband, it's uncanny. I think you don't realise how much you have contributed to molding these little people into the courageous little ones that they are - you do an amazing job.

Hope your week is a good one,
Tricia :)

TheSingingBird said...

oh i love your descriptions jackie! i have a "mouth" in my family too, but i won't mention any names...! :)

there are times when i wish i had the courage to be a "mouth" too!

briar makes a fantastic pwincess!