Wednesday, February 11, 2009

up and running

I've been so worried about how I will provide for my children by myself. Not just worrying about how I will provide for them on a single income but how I will manage this while staying home with them AND homeschooling Liv.
This week, I've begun my journey towards accomplishing this goal without having to be in constant fear of making ends least, this is the hope.
I've started doing daycare. I've been doing this one day a week for my sister's twins but I am now doing it five days a week.
It's pretty fabulous to be able to care for my children as well as others from my home AND, hopefully, make a living. So far, one of the best things has been that all the kids are children that my little ones regularly play with! This makes it like a regular playdate!
Days are busy, but really fun and I actually find that it is helping me to return to many of my formerly organized habits. I have a plan of things I hope to do with the kids each day. I make sure we have food for meals before hand. I am trying to hoping to ensure that toys from one activity are tidied up before we pull out new ones as this is the source of some of my panic and impatience as of late. I feel much calmer when the house is not resembling a bombsite. I am constantly thinking of activities that all the children will enjoy and will help Liv with her homeschooling interests.
Wish me luck!


Jen said...

Hey Jackie - I have been reading your blog for a while but have only commented one other time, I think. Congrats on this! I think this is so great! What a perfect marriage of what you want and what you need. It sounds like it's already working out for you and I would imagine knowing that you will have some income is a huge stress relief. Very happy for you and looking forward to more stories about the experience!


Bonnie said...


I think doing childcare is such a great way to meet so many needs...time with your children, extra income, social time for the kids (and even you when the parents come!)and of course, keeping your home organized. Always easier when there is incentive for that!

Best of luck!

Desha said...

I take care of two other kids too, and it is awesome! They keep the twins busy, and it helps out a lot with our finances. I am always looking for ideas on new things to do with them, so if you have some "crafty" suggestions, I am all ears!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck,

I wish you were still in Sooke, I am going back to work Part Time and need days care for 2-3 days week. You will be so awesome at this.


Single Parent Dad said...

Very good idea. I've met several women who have taken the same route after becoming mothers, feeling that it better suited their being. I thought about doing the same, but didn't want to commit to care full time for other kids. Good on you for taking the step, and I hope it works out for you.

josie said...

isnt it funny how routine helps? so happy you are finding a nitche that works for the best of your family!

Shana said...

Good luck with your daycare! I've done daycare a couple of times in my life as a SAHM and it has worked pretty well.

Poppy and Mei said...

Brilliant Jackie! XXxx

Tricia Moran said...

Wow! Awesome idea! You are right about having structure making you feel better - it works for me, I know that. And despite the fact that you want your house lived in, order is good too - it helps you not feel overwhelmed. (Again, at least it does that for me!). Good luck in your new endeavour.
Tricia :)

Anonymous said...

Fly at 'er Jackie!

Love Sheila

Kathryn said...

Wonderful!! I can imagine being a kid at your daycare and loving it!

darcie said...

oh my GOSH ~ what a brilliant idea! I would beg you to watch my kids in an instant, if only we lived close enough...might make for a rough commute as it stands right now!

Great idea Jackie! I just know you'll be fantastic at this and teach the kids so very much!

Eileen said...

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About Me said...

Way to go Jackie! I think you're going to do a fantastic job. Always in your corner,