Wednesday, February 11, 2009

painting with water

One of the things that I am finding that can always entertain ALL the kids no matter what their age is painting. We have tried so many types of paints over Liv's life as a creative little being. We've used acrylics - don't wash out of clothing when dry. Tempera - kind of messy and they go mouldy in their containers. Cheap watercolours - lumpy, non homogenized colour. Then, for Christmas, Liv received some Stockmar paints. Only the red, blue and yellow.

These paints are awesome. BEAUTIFUL, continuous colour. Concentrated making it able to add as much or as little water to create whichever intensity you'd like. I admit, they are pricey at $8 for each 20 ml bottle but I am now a true believer that they are worth it.
We mix the colours to create green, orange, purple, brown in a muffin tin and fly at it. SO. MUCH. FUN. We've been creating hearts for one our seasonal tree. It has gone bare for the Winter long enough, I figure.

Liv has been creating art for the Artist Trading Cards Swap. She's been having a great time working with various media to get what she believes is her best work for the project. I can't wait to send them off and she can't wait to receive some in the mail form other budding artists! Like a chain letter that is more creative! (Although I do hope that she gets a few in the mail - I never did receive replies for any chain letters. Did you?)

I'll take some photos of the new updated tree in the light of day and add them to the post tomorrow.....


Rach said...

I love their pencils so will give the paint a go. And yes, even the ones that promise to wash out in water don't - almost all our clothes are covered with splaters of paint. You see, painting is probably the number activity around here. Or perhaps a very close second to drawing. We are going to get a case tomorrow (perhaps a huge SUITCASE) for all the pencils, crayons, markers ect that are lugged around this house.

And way off the topic, we are getting a Golden Retriever in 4 weeks! She is goegeous!

Rach said...

And that was 'gorgeous.'


Single Parent Dad said...

Painting is such fun, cleaning up, and throwing away clothes after discovering the latest lot does not wash out, is not.

Good luck with the chain art thingy, sounds like a good idea.

Shana said...

Oooh, the paintings are gorgeous. We are going to be homeschooling after this school year (my oldest two are in 2nd grade and 1st grade at a public school now, which isn't going so well). I think I'll have to look into buying some of those paints as a special thing for the kids as part of our homeschool supplies.