Thursday, April 16, 2009

a few things

There are some things that haven't made it into any of my recent posts but I think are of interest to at least some of you. So here is an update on all things around here....

  • I bought my plane ticket to San Diego!!! There are a few more steps before I am actually AT the conference, but I am on my way. I am so thoroughly excited! Thank you everyone who has helped. I could not have done this without you!! You guys rock!

  • The chicks we hatched are still alive and growing daily. We aren't as connected with these little ones, however, as they spend the majority of their time locked away in the spare bedroom in the basement under lock and key to keep them away from the waiting jaws of Fuckles the poultry serial killer. They should be able to join the mass chicken population in two weeks. We're pretty excited to get to know them better!

  • I passed my firearms training! The written portion of the exam by 94% and the practical portion with 100% (the perfect score is a mystery to me, actually, because I accidentally `fired`the lever action rifle....Good bloody thing that it was dummy ammo! The instructor told me that because I had it pointed in the `safe direction`he had indicated, there were no points taken off....Hmmmm, these gun people are a different lot. But I didn`t argue. He had a GUN for goodness sakes!)
  • I had so much more that I had intended to write, but...well, the distractability thing has come up and I cannot for the life of me think what else....Oh wait, the bloody cross-stitch. (Thanks, Josie!) Remember this...Well, it still looks just like that. In my defence, I did a large portion since, but then I realized that I had messed up by one stitch, tore it all out and haven`t been back since. Every night, I think, ``Oh, I should enjoy a quiet night stitching with a cup of tea and a good show.`` Then, the kids go to bed and I fall into a nonsensical (real wordÉ) stupor and fall asleep beside them....This is also the reason that my legs are in need of real deforestation and I have five unfinished books on the go.
  • And on a parting note, I`ll leave you with this truly awesome quote that helps me to not feel so guilty about all the thoughts and ideas that I`ve had that have gone without being followed through and makes me believe that other people may also suffer from knowing how they want their lives to look but unable to make it a reality. Hypocrites all of us!...

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.
Alfred Adler

P.S. SuddenWidow, I went to your blog to contact you, but couldn't find an email address. If you need to talk or need anything that I can provide, please, please let me know. I'll be thinking of you...


Rachel said...

Hey Jackie
Yay for you going to the conference and that Fuckles hasnt got the chickens.
Give up the crossstitch and knit some funky socks ;-) Crossstitch did my head in for too long, then I discovered socks and every person in my family is getting them, whether they want them or not.
New Zealand

darcie said...

HURRAY! Glad to hear that you bought your plane ticket! One thing crossed off the list! It will be soo awesome - you'll see!