Tuesday, April 21, 2009

newer happy things....

Hanging with old buddies who live in different towns. One of Liv's all-time best friends, Angus. We miss this little man so.

Mom and the twins (my sister's boys).

Being near the boats. I miss the smells and the people.

Angy Bo Bangie

More boatey stuff...

Goats....I LOVE mini goats. If we had more room....well, we'd have a few of these little guys.

My boy approves of the wish that we will one day have goats.

Feeding the seals from the dock.

Easter egg hunts.

Brother-in-laws who hate crooked pictures.

The happy news that I have another sister! My brother, Adrian, got married!!!! He and Bonnie eloped on the Cook Islands. Good job!!

Being able to provide snuggly time to my girl after taking the laundry out of the dryer and dropping her into the soft coziness.

Even Fuckles and I are getting along better! He hasn't harmed any chicks, he hasn't taken off or chewed any doorknobs. AND he is off his meds!!

Geocaching has become one of the most sought after activities in our house.

A wonderfully fun and silly sister who warms my heart and shares my sense of humour!

'Pokey picnics' and the weather that allows for this to be held outside (a pokey picnic is a picnic where I cut everything up really small and we use toothpicks to pick up the food).

Long walks in the woods in the Spring sunshine.

Wildlife at the side of the trail that is not too spooked to run away thus allowing me to take photos.

The green of Spring. I've even cut the lawn once!
Having my sweet little girl make grocery lists for me without any help with the spelling.
My boy and his buddy, Moe.


Roxy said...

Great pictures! I especially love Kirsten on the bike hahaha!!! Im her old office mate from the UofA. I follow your blog laughing and crying depending on the entry! Take care!

Robin Stewart said...

great pictures as always. Thanks for sharing

leigh in the sav said...

your pictures and your days look lovely. glad y'all are enjoying one another.

Hawkfeather said...

even being a vegetarian- I can appreciate the need to buy chkin.. that is AWESOME sounding out..

We lost our house last year (long story) but we had animals.. including a heap of pygmy goats that i loved.. the kids and I even helped a momma goat give birth to two little VERY tiny babies once..
good stuff no doubt.

yay for happy things Jackie!