Thursday, May 27, 2010

the bumpy road of life

Although I can't go into detail as I have been advised to avoid writing it on my blog, last Friday the kids and I were involved in an incident that has caused me a lot of upset and stress. I hope to be able to unload the feelings and pain that have resulted one day on here but for now it is felt that I need to keep hush about it.
I'll just say that physically the three of us are okay. Please send us good vibes and hope for the best in the next while.


Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Thinking of you all and sending warm thoughts and positive vibes your way. Hoping the situation ican be resolved soon. Love to you all x

Jill said...

You always get my good vibes and prayers, but I'll throw in some extras. Hope things will be ok.

Lori said...

good vibes from OH coming your way. love the picture of you and the ducks = ) we have a few that routinely visit our yard and we love them. the cats don't even try to mess with them.
i don't know what happened but i hope that if you're able to resolve it you can and that if not, that you guys are all safe and together.

Jen said...

My thoughts are with you and the kids. I'm glad no one was hurt, and I hope this ends up being just a small bump in the road.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, and more LOVE to you, Liv and Briar.

<3 Chelsea

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you guys, and wishing everyone involved in the accident well. I hope that everything is resolved soon.