Wednesday, September 23, 2009

minnesota madness - LLF 5K and Gala

I'm home from my awesome trip to Minnesota. I had a great time being with fabulous people who are working so very hard to help people in my situation - newly widowed with children.
My trip started on a seaplane. I had never taken the seaplane off the island. Always the ferry. It seemed such a fitting departure as Jeff used to take the seaplane regularly to meet the boat on the mainland. It filled me with awe, the beauty of everything below me, and sadness knowing that Jeff had seen all of this so many times and not once had I experienced it with him.
After a few more plane trips (not by seaplane), Matt picked me up at the airport in Minneapolis. It was so great to see him again. He took me to Rachel and Adam's house to soak in their kindness and hospitality.
In the morning, after Matt's media obligations, we visited with Liz's family (who rock!!) while Maddy did some artwork.

Matt helped her sign her name with her little handprint. I took in the Minnesota flora and fauna but still am wondering at the bird sounds. They almost sounded tropical.
Rach and I met up with the fabulous Creeps for a Twins game....My first baseball game!
I ate a hot dog while people watching. (I have to admit that I noticed one home run and that is about it.) There were so many people and I was so enjoying chatting and joking with the Creeps!
I hung with the Twins....Damn, I have a giant head!

The next day, we did the 5K around Lake Calhoun.
It went SO ridiculously fast while joking and talking with Michele and her awesome daughter, Caitlin.

I got some pictures with the 'bot....and went on an adventure with the Robot, Matt and AJ to the coolest store in the world before the Gala the next day! (more on that later)

At the Gala on Sunday, I drooled over the Weinermobile...
Drooled over some cake....
Visited with some dear, fabulous friends....

Did my speech and managed to not vomit from nervousness....The Gala and the 5K went off fabulously! I am so pleased and honoured to have been part of it and hope to be there next year!

On Monday, the day of my departure, Rachel took me to an amazing fabric store. I drooled, oogled and bought some STELLAR fabrics. I'll be making some dresses for the shop with my stash in the next while!

Shortly before departure, Rachel took me to the most delicious cafe I have ever been to. I found the house of my dreams....
And after a long and delayed flight, made it home to find two little ones as pleased to see me as I was so see them!


Crash Course Widow said...

*SO* glad you had a fabulous weekend, Jackie! Isn't it just mind-boggling the places the worst thing in our lives has taken us?

Many, many hugs! Miss ya!! (And I'm envious that some of you got to see each other this past weekend. But glad I got to see some pictures and enjoy it vicariously. =))

(And on a totally random note, I think it's hilarious that my word verification for this comment is "whineu." Ha! ;o))

Becky said...

So so so very glad to have met you and to have had a little time to talk to you and learn about your family and your beloved. Your speech was beautiful - I loved both versions! I hope you visit again before next year's events!

PB and Jazz said...

I was at the 5K Jackie. I don't think I had a chance to meet you. I love Cafe Late! I am glad you had a fabulous time in Minnesota!

darcie said...

Jackie - I am sooo glad you made the trip to Minnesota! We loooved having you here and look forward to you visiting us again...and us visiting you there as well!
Your speech was amazing - you - are amazing.
And I'm flattered that you used a pic of me and you on your blog! I am honored to call you my friend!
xoxo -

Dottie said...

Just a creep in NC, who is so happy you went, enjoyed yourself. Since I've been keeping up with your blog, I've been amazed by you. Your ups, downs, your realism...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that about you! You are REAL! True to yourself...and after seeing all these terrific pictures and your beautiful happy smile, I could just cry for you. Even though your life is so different without your sweet hubby, you are living it, you are making the most of it. Jackie you should be so very proud of yourself! I am thrilled to see a bit of happiness in you and greatful you could have such an awesome time!

Angie said...

I am so happy you had a great time in MN! I've been a silent follower but couldn't not comment on this one as I am MN born and raised! Isn't Cafe Latte the greatest?! I went to college near there and it was a very frequent late night dessert stop, their German chocolate cake is out of this world. And the fabric store, if it's the one I'm thinking of, is just great, I get all my unique purse fabric there. Glad you had a great trip!

ryanandjoesmom said...

Damn Girl, you scored som awesome fabric!!!

It was so wonderful to finally meet you in person! Please keep in touch and come visit us again soon! Liv and Briar NEED to come with you next time.