Wednesday, May 20, 2009

non-melting children

I must admit that when it rains here, we all head indoors. At Liv's 'farmschool', they often end up outside feeding critters or stomping in mud muddles for a time in the rain. I would love this for my kiddos. I am able to provide this. I just don't.
I remember enjoying staying outside in a good rain when I was a kid and not feeling like I was hard up for being wet. It was an adventure.
My sister mentioned an outdoor preschool she had heard about on CBC. I have to admit that if we had the means or were in a location to send my kids there, we would be headed of on some mornings to this seemingly Utopian preschool.
Since I can't allow some other adult to brave the elements with my children (I don't enjoy it as much as I used to - Sissy, I am.), I am going to attempt to do this for my kids and my charges. We'll enjoy our romps outdoors, splash in the puddles and come in for a snack. No more ducking and covering when the clouds start to spit! I am all for all-weather children!!!!


Hawkfeather said...

thanx fer stopping by my blog momma- i am making more effort to actually post!

an out door pre-school- that is a great concept hey.. i wanna google that one.
i wanna know- are they *always* outside- how much outdoor times qualifies as an outdoor pre-school?


hope yer day is dandy momma!

Anonymous said...

I read an artice about outdoor schools the other day, I think they sound amazing.

It's important for kids to be comfortable with the outdoors and not be scared of getting wet or dirty. I think it's a lot healthier. Your kids are lucky they have a mum that will recognise that x