Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Remember recently, when I wrote that Freckles was off his meds, hadn't done any undesirable antics in ages and was back a pretty good dog? Let's just say, he's back on the little white pills....I've decided that I have to accept that he will most likely be on this medication for a good long time (and by a 'good long time', I mean FOREVER!) I can't handle the destruction of curtains, baby gates, and door trim with a sprinkling of feces to top it off when we leave the house. It still just boggles my mind that he never, ever had separation anxiety issues before Jeff or Eli died. I keep expecting him to 'get over it' (a phrase that I loathe myself).
I have to accept him as he is. Silly. Soft and fluffy. Great with kids. Crappy with chickens. Lovable and friendly. He's him. He is coping with loss as best he can...just as all of us are too. The only difference is that he is a dog and can't swear or cry or talk out his issues.
So, Freckles, I am cutting you some slack. You'll be on your meds till the end of time, but I will love you anyhow. Silly dog.


Poppy and Mei said...

Meds are good...XXxx

Carol said...

Hi Jackie! I have been following your blog for quiet some time now but am always afraid to comment. Now I think I am brave enough. I love your blog and how well you put in words all that is happening to you and the kids...and how well you wrote your feelings. May the Lord bless you more each day with strength and courage and abundance too. I wish to become your friend.