Wednesday, November 18, 2009

contents of pockets

Every now and then, I see a quiz go around on Facebook about the contents of a woman`s purse. You`re supposed to write what is found in your purse for all to see/read. In all honesty, I find it slightly dull and monotonous to read these lists perpetually containing lip gloss of various brands/ingredients, wallets, cellphone and other standard purse fare....although, I must admit that my contents list included a container filled with mouldy cheese last week - not so standard.

I feel that more interesting is the would-be list of the contents of a child's pockets. Before little ones 'need' to have certain tools and adult paraphernalia toted around with them, they carry a variety of found 'treasures' that give us a glimpse into their personalities and minds. Like crows, they adore all things shiny. Objects not found in their natural surroundings are also intriguing. So are the unusual, the beautiful, the see-through.

While unloading Liv's pockets the other day as I prepared the laundry, I found myself smiling at the little person who was displayed in these contents.

Her treasures included:

  • a grey feather with white tips

  • the plastic head of an unknown action figure found on the beach

  • a heart shaped stone

  • a variety of found litter

  • a pair of glow-in-the-dark fangs

  • a baggy containing mouldy pumpkin seeds

  • The feather and heart-shaped stone now reside in our 'nature collection'; after years of being reprimanded for putting some of her more nature based findings outside, I started a basket filled with chestnuts, snake skins, feathers, bark, animal fur, old nests, etc. Goodness knows it's contents are most likely not hugely hygenic, but I will risk it in the hopes that these special things remain someplace safe and will continue to ingender a love of nature within my children.

    The head of the action figure is rather creepy in my humble opinion, but Liv thinks it's pretty cool. It shows up in remarkably strange places and gives me a little thrill of creepiness everytime I find it unexpectedly. I find that my kids, and most likely all kids, keep objects that are 'special' for reasons unknown to us adults. The problem is that I often don't know where the fine line is between 'junk' and 'treasure' - especially since she loves to collect garbage as well. I often attempt to dissuade her from doing this when I worry about what types of germs are residing upon these oft soiled food recepticals. I always promise to carry a bag with us on walks for just this purpose (and intend to bring gloves as well), but forget so very often...and then find myself cleaning garbage from pockets yet again...

    The pumpkin seeds are signs of my daughter's green thumb and love of nurturing. She loves to grow plants, raise animals, cuddle babies. Unfortunately, she has also inherited my genes for have great intentions (such as collecting seeds from an extremely large pumpkin only to forget them in your pocket causing them to mould beyond viability) but less follow-through when distracted.

    And the fangs, well, the fangs are just fun. Kid fun. A sign that you can still enjoy life and all its' silliness. I am hoping that as I grow and learn and remember how funny life CAN be, I will be able to carry a pair of these things around in my purse as well....

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    Megan said...

    Love, LOVE this. Thank you for sharing- what an incredible Mom to have such insight- to take the time an interest to have the insight into your lovely children!