Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Liv as Laura Ingalls. Briar as a 'super nippled' Superman/Diego.

Briar as a devil, bunny, dragon snake.

Liv as Laura Ingalls.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Laura Ingles costume on Liv! I considered going as LI too (looked just like her when I was a kid - my Mom often called me half-pint), but was feeling a little sick and didn't bother getting dressed up...
Briar's costumes are great too - I love that he doesn't feel the need to conform to one 'being' only.


Brooke Gullikson said...

love the costumes!! i was laura ingalls when i was a little girl... my mom is from her hometown (pepin, wi) and every year they hold a "laura look-a-like" contest around halloween, so of course i had to be a part of it. :) i hold fond, fond memories of those books from my childhood.

hope you're doing well, jackie!