Tuesday, March 16, 2010

life in the snowglobe

Do you ever feel that you and your family are little statuettes frozen in some preposterously joyous pose in a liquid filled orb? You look gleeful and happy with snow resting at your feet....Then some ass comes along and shakes the bloody thing up for the thrill it gives them of seeing you obliterated by pseudo-snow....

Then, just as calm is restored and happiness begins to infuse itself into the world again, that inconsiderate ass-face does it again!

I am sure that many people feel this way. That life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Jujubes and jellybeans. It's chaotic and crazy and filled with fake white stuff.

But I think I live my life waiting for a lull. A calm to infuse itself into my everyday. A relaxation that marks the beginning of my 'life'.

But until the shaker of the snowglobe gets better cable tv or finds itself with a new hobby, I must inevitably come to terms with the fact that imitation blizzards are a part of everyone's life....even the households that look as if Spring and Summer follow their every move and that their snowglobe has been hidden in a box in the back of a closet.

*Thank you, Hayley, for the metaphor!!!! xox


Anonymous said...

I get that. And, sometimes I feel like the snowglobe effect is going on inside my head . . . (the past few days included).

Great metaphor! And, here's to the settling snow.

Kate said...

Sometimes I feel like I put too happy a spin on my "public" life/persona. My blog is about fun stuff we do; I mostly post upbeat stuff on Facebook. I post cute pix of my boy and our dog. And I wonder, is this all a little disingenuous?

Then I think, fuck that, I'll post whatever the fuck I want. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! People who really know me know the score.

Oh, and on Twitter, I bitch like a gopher in a beartrap.

Is this comment appropos of your post? I dunno. But this is what your post made me ponder. :-)

Crash Course Widow said...

Love it! Love the analogy and visual/mental image.

I'm trying to decide if I'm trapped in the snow globe, waiting for that ass to stop shaking it...or if I'm the ass trying to shake it and squeeze myself back into the frozen perfection I see inside it from my old life before Charley died. Who knows?

But if nothing else, at least we can have a good supply of beer, wine, and/or coffee (and chocolate, cake, brownies, pasta, good bread, etc.) while we're waiting for that better cable TV, right? ;o)

Hope you're doing well, Jackie! Been thinking of you, as I know the 2yr anniversary is coming up soon next week....

Hugs, my friend!