Tuesday, October 28, 2008

autumn leaves

While quietly riding in the cars back seat, Liv says, "Mommy, I know why the leaves drop in the Fall."
"Oh?", I say.
"Yup. The trees go to sleep in the fall. As they fall asleep, they forget to hold onto the leaves and they drop them onto the ground....Those leaves blow away, so in the Spring when they wake up they have to make new ones."
"That's cool, Liv."
"Yeah, it is.", she says as she stares out the window.


Ashley in Vancouver said...

The mind of a child is a beautiful thing :)

Thanks for making me smile!

TheSingingBird said...

your children are such beautiful souls

Lisa D said...

Your kids are so bright & creative. It's obvious what a great mom you are!!

darcie said...

How awesome is that pic of the two of them holding hands in the mud!?!
Melts my heart!

Marissa said...

smart cookie.

i think we could all learn a bit from the autumn leaves. :)

leigh in the sav said...

you have beautiful, thoughtful children.

despite your heartache - know you are still blessed.