Monday, October 13, 2008

to the farm

We are headed down the island to farm-sit...and 'friend sit'. Brent of B&P's Farm has been injured and needs a hand around the place while Penny is away for work. So down we go to a little piece of heaven . We'll be working hard feeding and caring for the animals and poor injured Brent and we're really excited...I'm a bit nervous about the feeding issue since Brent is used to Penny's amazing cooking. But I am a chronic scrambled egg dinner with salad kind of cook. Not really gourmet. Jeff was the cook in our house. When he was home, I rarely cooked a meal after 4pm. In fact, Christmas dinner is already filling me with trepidation. I have cooked one turkey in my life. It was with my beloved longtime roommate, Heidi, in my early twenties and we were so proud of ourselves that we took pictures of the finished bird. So, I am apologizing in advance to Brent for my cooking skills and the lack thereof. Also, in the awful probably not unlikely event that Freckles may cause some...carnage on the farm. I assure you that he'll be restrained but....he can open an incubator, man!


Rach said...

Have a great time my friend. And triple padlock the incubator...

Marissa said...

what a great friend you are!

make spaghetti for him - its easy enough, filling & hard to go wrong with. :)

Kate said...

You've cooked one more turkey than I have!!

Have a good time. ;)

alicat413 said...

you've cooked 1 more turkey than i have too!! i'll bet you're a better cook than you give yourself credit for!
hope you have a great time--sounds like it will be an adventure!!

Kate said...

Dear AJ, Sean, Teal, Jackie, and Evan:

You have all won a blogging award. See my site for details! And thanks for rockin' the blogosphere!!!


p.s. Jackie, you've cooked one more turkey than I have, too! Turkey-non-cookers, UNITE!

Anonymous said...

Here is my fav site Jackie, check it out if you need some healthy idea's.. you'll do fine!


Anonymous is probably me, sometimes I forget to put my name.. ah duuh.

manxlass said...

Hi, Jackie. Don't stress about cooking a turkey. Get yourself invited somewhere. A huge stress reliever, that is! You can then bring a side dish (scrambled eggs? quiche? deviled eggs?) or just yourself and your kidlings. But really, invite yourself if you have to, but go enjoy someone *else's* turkey! You have enough on your plate (pun intended).