Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fairies

We're trying to get our nature table back together. I am hoping to dye some playsilks with the kids...Here is our attempt at making some new fall creations. I was inspired on Etsy by Miesmama.

We made them with Marnie and all the kiddos. It was a great fun activity for all the kids...Except Briar. He just ran around and played. Next year, maybe he'll want to make some too.
I can't seem to track Olivia's fairy down. I keep having sightings of it clutched in her hand, but when I go to photograph it, it disappears. So these ones are just mine.


leigh in the sav said...

so fucking crafty! i love it!

sasha said...

those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing all the great things you do. You're an amazing, beautiful and inspirational woman. Rock on, mama!!

Marissa said...

i felt pretty crafty making & canning concord grape jam last week. once again, you top my craftiness & inspire me to go further. it looks awesome!!!

KT Sowa said...

Those are so fucking cool.

indybarb said...

I LOVE these little people. I was picking up acorns yesterday marveling at what awesome hats they would make, and wondering what I could make out of them. These are AWESOME Jackie. I love them, too cute. Thanks for sharing.