Monday, August 03, 2009

fill in the gaps

We spent the weekend back up that beloved little town. It has been too hot at home to function, so we escaped to the cool foggy and magical weather that I adore. Everything seems to be clothed in a pearlescent sheen and contain some sort of mystery.
We find such comfort in being with our closest friends. Connected. Supported. Comforted.
We go on fabulous boat trips with fabulous people.
And find wonder everywhere.
Although things have changed and we return without Jeff and their are WAY more people (tourists) on the beach and in town....
we still manage to find joy.

Newfound relationships with old connections.
Magic (a 'mermaid's jewel' found in the ocean).
Wholesome play.
Still there are so very many reminders of what we've lost...but in this town, we feel clothed with a collective feeling of loss rather than feeling solitary in our sorrow.


mightymama said...


Poppy and Mei said...

yep, what mightymama said...XXxx

nomi said...

What a wonderful looking place!

Hawkfeather said...

your girl has that glimmer of womanhood in her eye in a couple of those shots... you know that little glance at who she may become..
so beautiful.

I swear your little town has a sister bred from the place I call home.. and sometimes I wonder when I look out over the ocean at the Island if your looking back..
but honestly for all I know.. you may face russia.

in which case you may be sharing some unknown magical moment with a chained circus bear.

named Buirk-
cause that is what the word verification tells me his name is.

leigh in the sav said...

such beautiful children and a gorgeous setting.