Sunday, August 16, 2009

miracle of birth

A very dear friend of mine, Jill, had a baby boy on Friday night. The kids were over the moon with love for the little one. Both wanting to hold him as much as possible. Liv gave him little tiny mittens to prevent him from scratching his face and Briar decided that he wanted to give him a lullaby. He held Baby Zach and sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while rocking him up and down. It was one of those moments that you grin down at your child with tears streaking your cheeks at the little people they are becoming.
The birth has sparked a lot of questions about baby's entrance into the world. I found this video on Youtube that was informative, not overly graphic and about PUPPIES (what kid doesn't LOVE puppies!). I thought I'd share in case anyone elsse needed it!


Michelle said...

This is so cute! We went through this process with our poodles years ago. I remember having to do most of the work because the mom couldn't. We tied off the cord with dental floss.

My kids have never seen a puppy birth but they did see their baby sister born. I'll have to show them this video.

Robin Stewart said...

that is the best thing I have seen in ages. Thanks.