Monday, August 24, 2009

headin' campin'

I remember when Jeff and I started hanging out and heading for overnight camping trips. Our camping list consisted of a sleeping bag, a flashlight and a knife. In fact, on one trip out to the lake we had cooked steak over the fire. When it came time to eat it, we laid it on a piece of wood and used his pocket knife to take turns cutting and eating off the end of the blade. Very...rustic. Too rustic.
Tomorrow, we head out camping with my sister, her twins and my mom. I am embarassed at how long my list is. It is ridiculous to have to pack a thermometer, felt pens or diaper wipes. But camping with kids is so astronomically different than camping with fellow adults. I love that at the end of the day everyone's cheeks are pink with fresh air and they fall asleep instantaneously. But, holy sheep shyte, preparation is INSANE! So in the spirit of being prepared and ready for anything, I am going to post my camping list in case anyone needs it (although the school year is almost upon us) and so that next trip, I have it all in ONE place.

Shelter & Bedding
__Sleeping bags
__Ground cloth/tarp
__Air mattress
__Axe or hammer
__Mat for tent entrance
__Dust pan/brush
__Garbage bags for dirty laundry, etc.
__ Potty and toilet paper

__Large water jug
__Pots & frying pan
__Stove & propane
__Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon
__Can opener/bottle opener
__Tablecloth/thumb tacks
__Plates & bowls
__Mixing bowl
__Cutting board
__Heavy-duty aluminum foil
__Trash bags
__Dish pan
__Dish soap
__Dish rags/towels
__Clothes pins
__Scrub pad/brillo
__Potato peeler
__Cheese slicer

Clothes & Hygiene
__Shoes & gumboots
__Aquasocks or flip flops
__Socks and undies
__Sweatshirt & jacket
__Rain gear
__Swim suit/towel
__Soap in plastic case/shampoo
__Tooth brush/tooth paste
__ Deodorant
__Feminine products
__Toilet paper
__Personal medications--take extra

__Sunscreen & lipbalm
__Flashlight & batteries
__Lantern with fuel & mantles
__Plastic grocery bags
__Rope/clothes line
__Canteen/water bottle/coffee
__Are you still reading and thinking that I am packing too much?
__Cell phone/charger & 2-way radios/walkie talkies
__Camp chairs
__First aid kit

Very, Very Basic First Aid
__Personal medications
__Band Aides/bandages
__Anti-acids (Tums, Rolaides)
__Antibiotic cream
__Cotton swabs
__Hydrogen Peroxide
__Safety pins
__Sunburn lotion
__Eye drops
__Bug repellent
__Small flashlight
__Nail clippers
__Small mirror
I'll post pictures upon our return (I realize that I have been remiss in the photo department lately and have forced everyone to read more than usual)...Wish me luck setting up the tent again!!


Suddenwidow said...

I love your list, and yes, I read it all the way through :) That's exactly how I pack for camping 'cause you never know what you're going to need with kids! I think I'll copy and paste your list for future reference.

Have fun camping!


P.S The boys asked if Briar and Olivia got their parcel yet so I said I'd ask. They spent at least 10 minutes choosing cars they thought Briar would like the most. Hope they were right!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you posted this list! I'm busy packing for our camping trip to BC today. Glad that I'm not the only list lover out there!

Jess said...

I have to make lists too! I have 3 children under the age of 4. We live a couple hours from our parents so every time we make a trip, the list comes out! I love reading your blog. I bust out laughing or start crying nearly every time. Thanks for sharing!

darcie said...

we are so much alike it's scary! I always make and print a list before we go and my girlfriends at work totally laugh at me! you just don't want to forget ANYTHING - and you are right - with kids - what a whole different ballgame camping is!
Have a blast - can't wait to see your pics!

Anonymous said...

I love to camp with my kids! But when I'm getting ready for the trip, setting up camp, tearing down camp, and unpacking back at home, I often wonder why it is a love it so much. So much work and so much stuff. I guess I just find pleasure in knowing how much my kids love it.

You're an amazing mother!

Liz in Colorado

Robin Stewart said...

I make camping list, just so that I can check the items off. In fact I will write things on the list that I have already packed just so I can check things off. Have a great trip.

Jenn said...

thanks so much jackie! funny, we are going camping this weekend too, so this list came at just the right time. there were several things on your list that i hadn't even thought of, so THANK YOU!!

Poppy and Mei said...

Hope you're all having a great time...I'm sure Jeff's having a great chuckle at your list! XXxx.

Patty said...

Great list, I always forget something when I camp. Worst than that I am bad to throw it all in a bag and can't find what I need when I get there to cook.
Have fun. I am looking forward to the photos when you get back

l said...

We just got back from a camping trip - and oh boy - the stuff is overwhelming. And it is so hard to keep it organized. Next time I will refer to your list - something I didn't have but wished I had was the tablecloth. So simple. I hope your trip is fun.