Sunday, July 20, 2008


Me and my Marnie. She's the best. I am so stooked that she and I will have almost a whole week to hang out 24/7 while we're camping. I, honestly, don't know what I'd do without all my friends, family, supporters and commentors during this time. Thank you so much to all of you. Thanks for letting me lean and sway.
I'll be back soon...xox


Hawkfeather said...

ent section- it comes off weird and stalkerish.

so there ya go.

I was reading earlier posts where you asked about ideas to remain a SAHM..
I very much long for a time where a community can be so solid that it just steps up wihtout request to support one another.
well i have been putting it to smoe thought and i actually do have a couple ideas for you that i think could really make a difference.

I know your *away* or headed that way..
but i am wondering (stalker part) if you would consider emailing me so we can chat?

Hawkfeather said...

okay that typing failed horribly.. every time i type where there is no option to edit I look lame..
what I said there was.. every time I ask try to type this in the comment section i come off weird and stalker-ish..

ok enough manipulating your comment zone.

Rach said...

Have a bonza time (I am deliberately going to use more Australian slang as I think it is a much needed addition to your version of the Queen's English...)xxx

13mimosa said...

Have a wonderful relaxing time. I love imagining camping, it's been raining for the last 36 hours here. x

Krista said...

Thanks for YOUR support and kind words to me yesterday. It always astounds me how you can reach out and help and care for others when you are in SO much pain and anguish. You are so amazing to me. I know you're on your way camping now and am wishing you some tiny moments of peace and beauty on your trip. Talk to you when you get back. xo

Delena said...

You can do it! I'll be praying for you during your campout. Have a great time.