Friday, July 04, 2008

happy weaner day

Our little boy celebrated his 'Weaner Day' today....No, not that weiner, weirdo. He is now weaned. No more nursing. I agree with the idea of child-led weaning, but, man, I am tired of breastfeeding. I want to sleep through the night if I can. I don't want to be 'attacked' when I sit down. I'd like to have a phone conversation without having to 'assume the position' of nursing. So, I decided on my way home from my little getaway last weekend that I was done. I just need the space. I hope that doesn't make me a 'bad mommy' but I need something to have some....'space'. He's taken it pretty much in stride. We've had a few sleepless nights because of it, but I am pretty used to living without a large amount of sleep these days.

Anyhow, our big boy enjoyed his cake. We did the same celebration with Liv when she was weaned. She insisted that Briar have the priviledge as well. She even made him a card.
Happy Weaner Day, Briar!


Rach said...

I agree - I fed Minnie unil she was 2yrs and about 4 months old and I know she would have kept going (only at night and nap time) but I was over it. I loved that I had breastfed her for so long but I needed to stop it. She was fine - asked a few times but now just pretends to fed in games.

13mimosa said...

You absolutely did not do the wrong thing. The right thing for you will be better for them. I fed both of mine until only 18 months, loved every minute, but was also happy to stop.

PS I'm one of the weirdos as my first thought was a weirdo one followed quickly by - what exactly are they celebrating!