Friday, June 27, 2008

one of the best places on Earth

We went to B&P's today. It is definitely one of the kid's (and mine) favourite destinations. Briar got in some 'guy time' with Brent.
Liv always comes home with treasures from there...Today was no exception. She and Penny went tadpole hunting.
I remember having three tadpoles when I was a kid. I had named them, "Bette", "Davis" and "Eyes". I don't think Eyes liked his name. He ate Bette and Davis. When he morphed into a frog, I put him in the garage in a jar. He got run over by the car....That's what you get when you eat your friends.
One of her favourite places to look for eggs is the hayloft. It kind of freaks me out up there. There are holes in the floor and the stairs are extremely steep. Briar likes to stand at the edge and look down at the farm happenings below. Makes me want to barf a bit...the thought of him falling down there.
I wandered around taking photos. As I took this one, Brent says, "What are you taking a picture of?!" It's a horseshoe, Brent.
Briar hung out with the horses. Actually, there are horses seemingly everwhere. Maybe the horses were hanging out with us.

We witnessed chicks hatching...and some dying. Liv takes all those things in stride now. I guess having your daddy, your ducks and your little chick die all in a remarkably small space of time makes you a bit hardened to it.
She said the other day, "I'm a tiny bit glad that the ducklings and Lola died. Now they can be with daddy and he can know what they were like too!....We also get to hatch more now."
Briar found a dead rooster. He was pretty stoked to lug it around.
Again, I think it is so funny to see photos of animals looking you straight in the...lense. I don't know what makes it humourous. But it is.
Briar is a donkey fan. So are we. The mini donkeys are like dogs. They follow you around for cuddles.
I was in love with the buttercups. They are so jaunty and jolly.

Briar REALLY enjoyed carrying the rooster. I was actually worried that he had killed it with his cuddles initially. But no. It had been dead awhile. It was hard and cold. Not something I would want to carry around. But to each, his own.
I love all the shapes of the farm machinery. Looking like it was forgotten a long while back. But in actuality, it is all still used regularly.
The last surviving turkey. It's really sweet. It is so fat it waddles. Penny doesn't have to heart to kill this one. That says something about it's character. Penny is a definite farm girl.
As usual, Liv found gooey stuff and was all for inspecting anything she found interesting. Asking a million questions. Delegating. Exploring. Giggling. Asking to take one more thing home.
Penny ended up with the rooster. It IS so pretty. It may become an ornament on the mantel!
B&P are awesome and their place is like coming home. It's so wonderful to just wander and play and talk if you need to. Eat if you're hungry. Laugh and cry. And just be with two wonderful friends....and all their critters. Thank you, guys.


Neurotic Chic said...

Looks like a fantastic place! Wish I had somewhere like that to take my kids. Love all the photos. :)

Carle said...

Hi Jackie,

I adore the gum boots! sigh! I wish we had such beautiful ones in South Africa, but we only get plain coloured farmer gum boots! Are these the same ones you photographed the last time?

Oh the post..mmm... I dont think I would carry a dead chicken, but heck Briar looked like he was having a great time! :-)