Monday, March 23, 2009

signs of Spring

Since Liv went to a nature-based preschool when she was three, we have always searched for 'Signs of Spring' as they did at the school. It has become a treasure hunt of sorts.

On Friday, all the kids and I went outside for the express purpose of hunting down some sign of this coming season. We took pictures of all our discoveries (other than the sounds of the birds, the warmer weather, and the texture of the soil....There are actually times that I consider recording sounds to put on the blog to share. I even heard a couple of frogs in the marsh last night! Spring is finally coming!!
But, the surest sign of rebirth and the start of warmer weather was the hatching of our eggs on the first day of Spring. It's almost as if I planned it that way (which I didn't).

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it's hard to get a clear picture under the heat lamp and I was afraid of startling our little buddies with the flash. Each child had picked an egg and we had written their name on the top. Amazingly, those were the eggs that hatched.
Each child has named their chick and gets to 'keep it' here. The favourite name for me is Briar's chick who he named "Antarina". I have no idea where he got this but I love it! So original!

Happy Spring everyone!


Bonnie said...

We're looking for signs of spring in Vancouver too. Looks like lemon balm in that photo, which is coming up in my garden everywhere. Long live lemon balm.

I haven't commented much recently, but please know that the dates are very much in my mind these days, as are you.

Sending you lots of strength to get through what must be an incredible difficult week. I am in awe at how open you are on this blog with what is really happening for you. Inspiring, even if that's not your intention.


Rach said...

Antarina! Precious name.

We are looking for signs of

leigh in the sav said...

love briar's originality!

what did liv name hers?