Monday, March 30, 2009

little mothers

Liv has been interested in matyroushka dolls for some time. The paintings. The stories. The perfection of their shapes fitting into one another. Once, when discussing how our bodies carry eggs in them even from the time we are in utero, she had stated that we were like matyroushka dolls with our grandchildren inside us when our infant daughters are in our womb.

We have read some fabulous books about these beautiful dolls. Our favourites are so different from the classic helpless Disney princess stories and tell such wonderful and imaginative stories.
Recently, while browsing through Etsy, I found this shop. I figured that the unpainted nesting dolls would be a fabulous gift for little girls and would be a great project for Liv on a rainy day.

So today, I produced these little gems from in the closet to the absolute delight of Liv and her visiting friend. They have been sitting at the table for an hour now, chattering away, while painting and drawing.
I love these moments of quiet contentment. No plugged in, noise making, light flashing electronic device. Just quiet imaginative creative play. Pure bliss!


Eilie said...

That is just awesome. I think all little girls love these, I know I did. Quiet, creative play ... sounds absolutely delightful. What a great find.

Ashley said...

That is the best kind of play :) Your kids are such creative little gems.

Poppy and Mei said...

Beautiful! XXxx

Single Parent Dad said...

They're quality for little boys, and big ones, too.

When I was a kid I used to enjoy playing with this type of doll at a friends (we didn't have any - and did I really just let that out?).

You can even get these for football teams here.

Hawkfeather said...

i am SO getting nesting dolls dood

SO kewl.