Friday, March 13, 2009


I think that it's a good sign that I still have things that I want to accomplish. It means that I still am alive and willing to live.

I have so many plans, though, and seem to have this ludicrous idea that if I can get all these things crossed off my list, my life will be easier and less chaotic. I can't seem to stay on track, remember my tasks from one day to the next or lack the time or money to do these things.

I had been thinking of getting a blackberry so I could schedule in all the appointments, childcare days, shopping lists, etc. A brain in my pocket as it were. But then, I wonder if this would make the problem worse. It would allow my brain to rest on its' laurels and not force it to attempt to be fully functioning once again. I have a bit of a mistrust of technology anyhow.....And I'd probably lose the bloody thing. If they had a set of post-it notes that could be mounted on your belt-loops, I'd be set!

Recently, Eileen from Little Acorn Learning sent me her monthly nature-based childcare guides. They have a weekly theme, grocery and supply lists for the week, lists of books that support the theme and stories, crafts and poems all with a natural/Waldorf bend. All the kids here are LOVING the stuff we do and I am adoring feeling organized and the sense that I know what to expect for the next day. Thanks so very, very much, Eileen.

For the rest of my plans and hopes for organization, I think I'll just have to stick to the very non-technologically advanced method of paper and pen for lists. I'll add:
  • build greenhouse (probably not going to happen any time soon)
  • get a load of soil for the garden (need to borrow a truck)
  • get a load of gravel for the mud-filled driveway (still need that truck)
  • get a load of firewood (bloody truck)
  • clean up garden beds and add the new soil (that I still need a truck for)
  • sow seeds indoors
  • set up the brooder for the eggs that are set to hatch next Wednesday (19th) as long a Freckles doesn't find them
  • CLEAN OUT THE GARAGE (this one I should have put first on the list - it HAS to be done, yesterday)

On a side note, out of curiousity, I checked back in my blog archives to a year ago to see what life was like back then - before Jeff died. It seems that I was doing much of the same things that I do now....with a much lighter heart. I was still feeling busy and overwhelmed. Maybe this is just my personality or maybe I didn't know what the hell I was talking about before.

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Anonymous said...

This time last year we were supposed to be having a visit at your house but we had some last minute company come so we postponed our sleepover.

If we had been with you, you probably wouldn't have driven to Ucluelet to get Jeff because you had company. He wouldn't have come home but probably gone out fishing and the horrible event would have happened without you. As horrific as it was you held your husband when he died.

I love your list. I love making lists. I think I have a greenhouse book for you too. I thought I wanted a greenhouse a few years ago and it didn't happen.

Pen and paper is still more fun!

Love Sheila