Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coop Deville...eggs

The chicken coop that our absolutely fabulous friends made for us arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! I don't know who loved it more - the kids or the chickens....or me. The kids loved hanging out with the girls (let's hope) in their soon-to-be new digs. The chickens loved pecking around and stretching their legs. I love the idea of not having chickens living IN our house. I am a bit weary of vacuuming up all the cedar chips that get tracked up from the basement on socks with each visit to the brooding box. We'll be putting them out a little more often as the weather warms up but bringing them back inside at night until they are ready. It's sort of like 'hardening off' seedlings before planting them outside, I suppose.

I am a bit nervous of Freckles reaction to the chicks and their new home. He is very curious of the chicks while inside...but outside, I couldn't tear him away from the coop. I am hoping it's just something that he'll learn to accept or the girls aren't going to be able to go free-range much with him around. He's a pecker-head at times. I wish I had Jeff's booming voice. He could put that dog at a standstill. Eli couldn't give a damn about the chickens. I didn't think he would. He's such a good dog. I wish I could clone him or somehow 'un-neuter' so I could have another generation of him....Could I really handle another running, jumping, swimming, ball possessed puppy, though? Hmmm...Not now.

In the light of the heat lamp, I didn't realize that our chickens have blue eyes. They're actually kind of pretty.

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