Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ham & homeschool

I don't know if the kids are feeling a little happier again or if I am just noticing their silly antics more, but I love to see them ham it up. Briar's sense of humour seems to be growing and he either gives or receives giggles constantly lately. Liv loves to be rewarded with a laugh and definitely puts on a good show. These kids have Jeff's love of laughter and I am So thankful for it. Life is never dull around here.
I am trying to get back on the 'homeschool horse'. As our learning consultant once said to me, 'kids are learning all the time' but I do want to be actively participating in that learning as well. So today, we updated the 'seasonal tree'. We put up our renditions of some of the leaves ffrom local trees. Liv still is not ready to part with the birds we made for the tree. I think we may have to add some more....goldfinches, etc. I must say that I love the seasonal tree. It is a fun way to notice our surroundings and to change up our living space as well.


Krista said...

Oh my goodness that blog banner rocks! Love, love, love it!!!!

hello to you two cuties, too :)

Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

I have to agree with above I love the new picture. It makes me feel the relaxation of gliding across the lake. And I just have to say you are the best mom!

Dawn said...

That seasonal tree is such a great idea...I love it!

Hil said...

That really is a great project. I've been wanting to do something with our front window ... what did you use for it? I can't really tell if the birds are painted or tissue paper. (If you don't mind me budging in and asking. ;) )

Carle said...

Hello my friend!
I looovvvee those gumboots [wellies?]! Gosh I wish we could get them in South Africa! sigh. The children are looking calm and happier, I hope you are having more good days than bad days.

We have been busy so I have missed out on many of your bloggings! So I need to catch up.

Keep those feet up! :-)