Sunday, May 04, 2008

ducks and mudpuddles

We went to the closest Waldorf school to celebrate their Mayfest with them and to see the Maypole dance. We stuck around for a few hours and absorbed the amazing atmosphere. I find it so calming and condusive to 'real' play. I always find it so inspiring. Unfortunately, the morning weatehr wasn't very cooperative and we actually left before the dance began. I was disappointed (as we all were) but we went on to B&P's farm.
They have so many new babies and it is always such a warm and welcoming place to be. Brent is a really good friend of Jeff's and I find it very comforting being near people who were close to Jeff as well.

Briar and Liv had a blast. Playing in mudpuddles, naming and holding ducks for hours, collecting eggs from the large assortment of birds to try in our incubator. Unfortunately, Liv's dove egg was accidently Briar. She was pretty upset. So we took some goose eggs and a chicken egg home. What'll we do with geese? Drop 'em back off at Penny's, of course! ;)

It was a nice mellow day....I do, however, spend most of my moments either thinking "I can't wait to tell Jeff about this!....Oh, I can't" or remembering things he said or thought regarding everything we come across. These memories make me smile. Sad smiles. I miss him so badly it hurts.

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