Monday, September 15, 2008

begin again

We've 'started' homeschooling again. It feels right. Although Liv is still so fearful...especially at night when I would prefer to be sound asleep...I am hoping that she'll begin to feel like her old self again.
We visited Liv's 'learning consultant' from the school. Sue is awesome. I always feel so encouraged and excited about schooling after I've spoken to her. When Jeff died, she helped immensely by helping me finish off the year of education reporting. I don't know what I would have done. I could hardly think straight.
You can tell that she and her husband, Bob, love kids and love to learn themselves. The recent addition to their household is a hive of bees.
Since hearing of their arrival some time last year, Liv has been wanting to see the hive. So the other day, Liv donned a bee suit (quite a hilarious sight - she looked like a gnome) and my gumboots while Bob disassembled to hive for Liv's perusal. My only disappointment was that I couldn't get closer too!
I find that there are moments in our lives that just feel 'right'. That feel wholesome and meant to be. Homes like Sue's, Marnie's, Kirsten's, Krista's, B&P's, farmschooling and so many of our friends all have this essence. We are so lucky to be close to such amazing, interesting and comforting people and places.
I think I am excited about homeschooling again. I KNOW Liv is. It's just a question of how much we can fit into each day!


Creep Katy said...

SO glad that this choice is feeling right to you!! You deserve to have a few moments of confidence after the upheaval of the last few months!

Anonymous said...

Yay Jackie - this is so obviously the right choice for you and Olivia!

Kim in MN said...


Just one of the creeps here. Checking in every day to see how you are. I am so happy for you. I could feel the emotions come off the computer screen - how hard this decision was for you to make. I have to tell you I can also feel the relief and the way the decision you have made seems so right. A mother knows her child best.

You are such an inspiration. Your photos, your mothering, your artistic talents and the way you love your children. Thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to you - in a good and creepy way :)

Kim in MN

cara said...

glad you're doing what feels right to you. you seem much more content and that's great to read.

when in conventional school do kids get to see bees up close and personal like that? (besides getting stung by the random bee here and there) i never did. so neat.

13mimosa said...

That's fantastic Jackie, seems like your instincts were 200% right!

leigh in the sav said...

now that's not an experience kids in a classroom would have had. awesome!

Kate said...

That is so damn cool!