Monday, September 15, 2008

photography addict

I am admitting that I have a problem. There are so many moments of everyday that I yearn to take photos of. I even pull the car over often to take a quick photo of the moon, a field of cows, the reflection on a pond...There are so many others that I wish I would have stopped for. Unfortunately, at the side of the road, you always have to contend with power lines. Annoying.
Although, I always enjoyed photography; it is only in the last five months that I have become obsessed. I think it has helped me immensely. I realize that it seems like such a small and frivolous thing. But I wholeheartedly maintain that it has forced me to find beauty in a world that often seems devoid of happiness or hope since Jeff is gone. It reminds me to change my focus. From loneliness and fear to amazement and wonder. I still feel sad, scared and the terrible loss of my love. But I am learning to temper it sometimes....Or maybe just to carry it along with the occasional positive feeling as well. I don't know, but I know that it has been a gift. A gift to my broken heart.


Elfie33 said...

You found something you love..maybe your could turn your hobby into a career. That would never seem like work..but something you love..

indybarb said...

Your blog struck such a chord with me today. My camera is often my savior as well : )It seems that if we can really live in the moments of splendor, life becomes worth living. Having a camera in hand makes us realize that there are moments around every corner worth capturing and somehow, at the same time, enriching our experience of our days. I sometimes find myself driving to work and searching around me for beauty along the way. I never used to do this.....I wonder why?

I hope your day is special and wonderful. Hugs to you and Liv and Briar....and even Fuckles!


Anonymous said...

amazing photo shots.. :) :) :)

cara said...

beautiful photo...absolutely beautiful