Saturday, September 27, 2008

scavenger hunt

We went on a hunt for:
  • a mushroom
  • a twisty stick

  • acorn caps

  • two small matching shells

  • two oak leaves

We found a twisty stick, oak leaves and many matching shells....and a fresh, cool day at the beach.

I had wanted the mushroom to show Liv spore prints and the acorn caps to make fall fairies for the nature table. Oh well, we'll have to go on another scavenger hunt soon.

I had my own list on our expedition....

  • lots of photos


Anonymous said...

We have tons of acorn caps here, let me know how many you need.
Great photos as always!

Marissa said...

what a BEAUTIFUL day!!

leigh in the sav said...

the tree picture (detailed) is my favorite - gorgeous! a scavenger hunt sounds like an awesome way to spend a day that looks like that!

Kate said...

What a fun idea and what beautiful photos!

Hawkfeather said...

i love the arbutus shot.. those trees are so magical.

we just got back from a mirror reflective trip to the beach on this side of things.
we found a dead shark. fun stuff.

PB and Jazz said...

Beautiful photos! What a pretty area! I sure looks like fun.

Leslie said...

the beach is beautiful...what a fun scavenger hunt and such a beautiful day for it.

indybarb said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. They are beautiful, as always. I love your idea of a scavenger hunt and I will do that with my five year old nephew the next time we get together. We love walking in the woods here in Indiana, and a scavenger hunt would definitely make it more interesting for children. Jackie, you are full of great ideas. You are such a great Mom. I can tell : )


Lori said...

Just read your post about deciding to home school Liv again. I know my 2 cents don't mean squat, but for what it is worth, you are her mom and you do know best. To hell with anyone else. You hold your baby girl close and keep doing what your doing. You will find a new normal and maybe one of these days she will decide she's ready. In her own time.

Roads said...

What fantastic scenery you have.

Some days you can have a good time, amongst all the grief. Those days come more often, with time.

For now, enjoy them when they come.
Spirits up.

Mulders said...

I just recently found your blog and I have been reading and reading. I find you very inspriring and I love that you say how way you feel, even when it fucking sucks. You have opened my eyes and made me put my life into perspective. Thank you,