Monday, December 15, 2008

snow day

We've been hit with snow. Yep, I know this shouldn't be a surprise in Canada. But where we live we rarely get snow and it is rarely under 0 degrees celcius (32 F.). This morning, it is -14 C. (6 F. degrees for all the imperial people out there)!!!!!!!! The sliding glass door is frozen shut. The chickens are little popsicles. I've had to run the heat lamp out to them.
*Check out the bird in the above picture. I know this photo isn't stellar but the bird looks like a toy that was thrown. No outstretched wings. Just flung up in the air. Hmmm.

Liv and Briar are enjoying it immensely. I have to say that I also love the feeling of being hunkered down in our cozy little house with a warm fire, lots of crafts and all the sweet little birds coming to the feeders for food. We went for a wintery moonlit walk last night before bed. Although it was cold, it was beautiful and serene. Not many car venture out here when it's like this. The sound of total silence was almost as breathtaking as the scenery.> **Sorry about the photo order. I am just not feeling like putting them in the proper places at the moment. Would rather be outside with the kidlets.


Rach said...

Gorgeous. Poor Minnie thinks we will have snow at Christmas... And you know, we might. What, I hear you say! 2 years ago we did have snow on the hills at my parents place at Christmas time and yes, its the middle of Summer here in Australia. You see we are from Tasmania, where strange things happen. Enjoy the snow. xxx

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog. I'm really touched by your words, and I have been holding you and your beautiful kids in my thoughts.

I also wanted to say that my daughter would be so jealous of that snow! In our neck of the woods we got hardly any. Little Girl wants so badly to build snowmen and make snow angels and it's just not happening. It looks like your little ones took full advantage of the dump. :-)

darcie said...

Wait What?? You rarely get snow up there and rarely have temps below freezing??

I am soo not enjoying the MN temps or weather this week!
Glad you guys are able to take it all in and enjoy it some!
Keep warm!

Crash Course Widow said...

Gosh, Liv looks like her daddy. I've thought it many, many times looking at your pictures, but apparently I felt compelled to post it in a comment tonight. ;o) I think it's the eyebrows and the shape of her nose.

Which is interesting, because with most of my widowed friends I think it's the sons who look more like their dead daddies, and not the daughters. (Although I guess Anna would be an exception, since she looks more like her daddy than her mommy....) But Liv strikes me more as a mini Jeff than Briar does.

And yes, thank god you have both of them. (Maybe I should have posted this comment under that one entry you did a few days prior, where you talked about the joy you could learn from them. =))

Sending you hugs, peace, and strength when you need a little bit extra this month....